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(Chicago, IL – Friday, February 26)

The Bliss are aiming to reach their fourth consecutive Legends Cup, and the team is confident they will do so in 2016. With training camp finally under way, the Bliss are back to business and ready to gear up for their season opener against the Seattle Mist, on May 13th.

Chicago has lost a few key veterans, highlighted by two star-players in Alli Alberts and Heather Furr. For what the Bliss have lost they’ve made up for in rookie talent, as the Bliss have an exciting rookie group to pay attention this season. Head-coach Keith Hac is really enthusiastic about the newcomers for his team this year.

Of course, there’s still some really good veterans on this team who will also contribute enormously to Chicago’s expected success this season. The Bliss have a talented offense led by standouts like Chrisdell ‘Ferrari’ Harris, Deena Fagiano, Kim Perez, and Stephanie Murray.

The defense is still very strong up front led by Yashi Rice, Nneka Nwani and Chantell Taylor and are returning with two of the league’s top cornerbacks with Di’Andra Frye and Dominique Collins.

Harris Harris

Here is a look at some of the position battles:


Quarterback: Kim Perez, Sara Finn (R), Jori Parys

Running-back: Chrisdell Harris, Javell Thompson, Rosanne Ornopia (R), Barbara Randle (R)

Wide-Receiver: Jamie Fornel, Charbria Survillion, Carla Kosak, Caitilin Burke, Sarah Miller (R), Marissa (R), Shalena Thomas (R), Marlena Wordlow (R), Amanda Johnson (R), Andrea Falco (R)

Offensive-Line: Deena Fagiano, Hallie Jirska, Jamie Barwick, Stephanie Murray, Brittany Wilson, Stevie Bradich (R), Meg Gamble (R) , Kelsey Bolstod (R)


Defensive-Line: Nneka Nwani, Yashi Rice, Chantell Taylor, Jazmin Calep (R), Kristin Morrison (R), Carly Schultz (R), Whitney Evers (R)

Secondary: Di’Andra Fyre, Dominique Collins, Tamar Fennell, Akilah Anderson (R), Melanie Albert (R), Brittany Valentine (R), Kendra Pierce (R) , Kim Bulow (R) , Breanna Roberts (R)

There has been no official depth chart released yet, since the Bliss just began their training camp last week. But, the most uncertain positions on the team are definitely at quarterback and safety. The losses of Heather Furr and Alli Alberts are the reasons for that. They were great two-way players. Coach Hac might look to start rookies at both positions this season.

Rice Rice

One of the best defensive ends in the league, Yashi Rice is returning for another season after contemplating retirement last year. “With all the changes we made, I knew the gang needed me. You never want to go out on a loss, I want to finish out on a championship” said Rice.

Kim Perez came into camp in phenomenal shape and she will be a be a important part of the Bliss on both sides of the ball, as she can play many positions for Chicago, including quarterback. Rookie Sara Finn has also been impressing the coaching staff with her arm strength, so there is a possibility the Bliss offense will be led by a rookie as they prepare for Seattle.

Coach Hac says he’s “excited” for two rookie receivers Amanda Johnson and Andrea Falco. One key question for the offensive line will be the availability of center Hallie Jirska due to her proximity to the team’s practice facility.