Western Australia Angels Earning Their Wings,, Scott Smith, Scott Smith

In the world of the LFL, the west coast is the best coast. This is a fact. All previous champions both in the U.S. and Canada have hailed from the western coast of their respective countries. In Australia, The Western Australia Angels are working hard to continue this trend.

The Angels were Australia’s last franchise to launch, but they are already making up for lost time, proving to be LFL Australia’s most ‘liked’ team. However, the Angels are also aware that this isn’t just a popularity contest.

With the appointment of the current State and Australian National Champion Men’s Football Coach J.R. Rogers as Head Coach, the Angels are making a strong statement that their football will do the talking come kickoff time this December.

Although their east coast counterparts have a 5-month head start, the Angels are making sure that not a moment is wasted on the practice field. The skill sets of each player are identified and applied towards areas of the game previously foreign to almost everyone involved. The women are working hard at pushing each other for the greater good of the team. This is evident at the Quarterback position, where a 3-player battle is ensuing.

Being a brand new sport, in a country already filled to the brim with sports, isn’t always a bad thing. Many of the girls bring to the table a collection of previous skills that can each be utilized in American football.

The current roster of the WA Angels features players with backgrounds in lacrosse, Australian Rules Football, Gaelic Football and even baseball. All of this prior sporting experience helps to create a diverse and highly skilled LFL football team.

The most immediate goal for the Angels is to add more talent and potential to their current group of girls. The Angels have their next open tryout this coming Sunday, March 3rd at:
George Burnett Park
Manning Rd, Karawarra WA
From 1PM – 4PM

Interest for the trials has been building since the first one took place in November of last year. With the help of a healthy social media campaign, the turnout of athletes in attendance this time around is expected to be well over a hundred.

The WA Angels mean business. Coach Rogers, his coaching staff, and the players are building a team that will have a strong spine, with which they can spread their wings and take flight on the field.

They may be called the Angels, but their halos will stay firmly in the locker room.