Toronto Triumph Head Coach Steve Moore Reflects on 2012,, Mark Staffieri

Having endured three straight losses to begin the 2012 Toronto Triumph season, the final game of the season held much tension for Triumph head coach Steve Moore. In his first season at the helm of the Triumph franchise, Moore did not want to end on a losing note.

Dating back to the Triumph’s season in 2011, in which they went 0-4 as an expansion club in LFL US, the franchise had high hopes in the first season of LFL Canada. Having endured an 0-3 start in LFL Canada, the beleaguered franchise had a seven game losing streak. Toronto’s first season in LFL Canada consisted of road losses to BC and Regina, and a home loss to the Saskatoon Sirens and their dynamic duo of Heather Furr and Anne Erler (known as Furrler).

With an end of season battle against the eventual Lingerie Bowl Canada champion BC Angels, the 0-3 Triumph emerged as winners. Moore saw how quickly the players went from desolation to jubilation after experiencing their first win. “I am overwhelmingly happy for the entire team. Throughout the season they never gave up the drive to win.”

One of his biggest challenges during the season was watching the squad attempt to overcome injuries. Knee injuries forced US import Jenny Butler and charismatic leader Alicia Bell (also an LFL Canada Mortaza Award nominee) to sit out a few games. “We will need to get to where we have the right personnel healthy enough to play their appropriate spots and be able to deliver to their capabilities each game. To do that it will also require some recruiting to build on the great deal of talent we already have.”

For a proud roster of determined players, Moore saw how visceral the losing streak was. “After every loss, I saw tears and frustration but never the sign of quit. After this win I saw a sense of relief and determination for drive. That look that says, ‘Okay, here we go, win one.’ Now we must make moves to become a playoff contender.”

Looking to build on the momentum of a franchise milestone, Moore is aiming towards leading the Triumph into the postseason. To get to the postseason in 2013, Moore believes it will take “a lot of hard work; from developing the program to where we are all comfortable in our positions and with the plays, to developing as players and coaches to adapt to the fast paced game.”