On a gray morning, players begin dribbling in one by one to the first official full-length practice of the season on Saturday, March 21, at Sur Le Brea Park in Torrance, California.

Dave “Biz” Bizub and Tui Suiaunoa are back as head coaches for the Angeles Temptation, and their plans have not changed: “Our expectations are to win it all,” said Suiaunoa. “We want to bring back the winning tradition that’s been missing for the last two years.”

Joining Bizub and Tui are QB and Receivers Coach Jeff Lowden and Receivers and DB Coach Chris Facione.

Bizub said that the coaching staff was evaluating the team from A to Z.

“We’re here today to work on everything,” Bizub said. “We want to add and incorporate new plays and to make it more exciting for the fans. We’ll play a different style, and we expect to do well. We’re not here to have fun; we’re here to win championships.”

The 2015 season will be filled with excitement for the Temptation as they will face Seattle and Las Vegas each three times. If LA advances to the Conference Championships, there will be a fourth match-up between LA and Seattle or Vegas. Biz and Tui will have a great knowledge of their opponent to prepare for a chess match of a game if they advance to the playoffs.

League founder Mitchell Mortaza was at the practice, and I had a chance to catch up with him.

“We have to get a sense of where everybody is right now,” Mortaza said. “We’ll have more games, and they’ll play each other more often, which will create more and better rivalries.”

The Temptation will once again be led by star QB Ashley Salerno, who showed up at the park, but who was unable to practice due to illness.

Los Angeles will be working to get back to their championship winning ways after falling short the last two seasons to their previous three championship seasons. The 3peat provided the Los Angeles Temptation with dynasty status, something that the Chicago Bliss are in search of this season coming off back-to-back Legends Cup Championships. With the conference changes, leaving Chicago in the Eastern Conference, it is possible that the Temptation and Bliss could meet in the 2015 Legends Cup this August.

The L.A. Temptation will open its season on May 16 at the Los Angeles Coliseum against its rival Las Vegas Sin. Tickets are available here: Temptation Opening Day Tickets (May 16th)