(SEATTLE, WASHINGTON– THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2019) Both the Seattle Mist and Omaha Heart missed the postseason in 2018. It was the first time Seattle had missed the playoffs since 2014, and most would not believe it unless they saw it, but Omaha had a better record than Seattle last year.

The Heart finished the season 2-2 while the Seattle Mist ended 2018 with a 1-3 record, however, Seattle ended on a high note after beating the Austin Acoustic on the road 41-26. Despite a coaching transition and top free agents departing to play for Nashville, Seattle was arguably the most competitive team in the Western Conference last season. The Mist nearly beat Atlanta, played a great game against the stacked Nashville team and defeated the Acoustic handily on the road- a team who ended up representing the West in the Legends Cup.

There is no question whether or not Seattle is competitive this season. Their core group of veterans returned from Nashville along with Alli Alberts from Chicago, and best of all- the long-time Mist coach, Chris Michaelson is back at the helm, proving in Week 1 Seattle are the favorites in not only the West but the entire league this season, defeating LA 34-19.

Despite a 2-2 record a season ago, Omaha was still a cellar dweller in the LFL. They were outscored by 150 points in their four games, having scored 33 points and giving up 183. To their fortune, they were slated to play the Denver Dream twice in 2018, winning both by slim margins. But a win is a win, and that taste of victory should help the newly rebuilt Omaha team heading into the franchises 7th season.

In the last four seasons, Omaha has been shut out eight times and in those games being outscored 615 to 0. Players like Lauren Ziegler and Dakota Hughes have made their highlight films from playing against the Heart defense. They have had four wins in the last few years beating the NE Liberty, Pittsburgh Rebellion, and Denver dream twice. For the Omaha faithful, they hope to see this rebuilt and bolstered Heart roster compete better against tougher components.

A big off-season acquisition was Ana Garza from the Austin Acoustic. Garza played a fantastic game in the Legends Cup last year on defense and should be a huge help playing in the Omaha Secondary this season. Garza had aspirations of playing quarterback but was beat out in camp by rookie-and-expected phenom Lauren Crouch.

Crouch is a former collegiate softball athlete with a strong arm and a lot of athleticism. Her first game in the LFL will certainly be a welcome to the league as she faces one of the most dominant defenses in LFL history with future Hall-of-Famers Alli Alberts, Stevi Schnoor, and Jade Randle.

Heart veterans Shalynn Durham and Jacqueline Good will help lead the team full of rookies and young talent. Good will be starting at middle linebacker and Durham will start offensively at running-back. Another recent highlight on the Heart team over the last few seasons is Jamie Lundberg who will be starting at wide receiver and cornerback. Lundberg has played very well at the corner position and has come into form as one of the better cover corners in the league.

Saturday night is a must see as Seattle welcomes back KK Matheny, Stevi Schnoor and Chris Michaleson to the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA. Doors open at 6pm and kickoff is at 7pm PST.

KICKOFF: Saturday, May 11

ARENA: ShoWare Center (Kent, WA)

TICKETS: 253-856-6777 |

PLAYERS TO WATCH: Lauren Crouch, Ana Garza, Jamie Lundberg
KK Matheny, Alli Alberts, Jade Randle

KEY MATCH-UP:Heart rookie quarterback Lauren Crouch in her LFL debut.
Ana Garza at the Wide Receiver position opposing Seattle secondary.
Savannah Wood led Mist defensive line against inexperienced Heart offense.



💰 BETTING LINE: Seattle -29.5 77 Over/Under