Lingerie Bowl VIII held up to all the hype surrounding the game, as the Los Angeles Temptation defeated the Philadelphia Passion 26-25 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Philadelphia set the tone on the opening drive with running back Marirose Roach, utilizing her athleticism and making sure the ball was in her hands early. After a couple of errant throws by Christy Bell, Roach took matters into her own hands, literally, taking a direct snap into the end zone to put Philadelphia up 6-0. The Roach show continued on defense, as a momentum stealing sack by Roach stopped a driving Temptation offense deep in Philadelphia territory.

But the Temptation cured and ailing offense with a productive defense, as Ogom Chijindu interecepted an errant Christy Bell pass and took the ball into the end zone with around 4:00 to play in the half. The conversion was missed, and the game seemed to be heading into halftime all-square. But Marirose Roach was not done asserting her dominance, taking the Passion down the field on the very next possession and running into the end zone to seemingly end the half 12-6.

But the fireworks continued in the last 3:00 of the half. On Los Angeles’ very next possession, quarterback Ashley Salerno solidified her touting as one of the strongest Quarterbacks in the league with a deep pass to put the ball on the Passion’s 5-yard line. A Zipporah Chase touchdown run on the next play put the temptation up 13-12, following a successful conversion, with 2 :48 to play in the half. However, not to be outdone, Philadelphia put the ball in the hands of Roach who did what she had been doing all night, scored. Her third rushing touchdown of the night put the Passion up 19-13, but leaving a little under a minute left on the clock for Los Angeles. Taking advantage of the time afforded to them, Los Angeles’ Ashley Salerno completed another brilliant deep pass to WR Melissa Margulies on their final play of the half that tied the score 19-19 going into the half.

The second half began with more of the same, Marirose Roach, who once again stopped a driving Temptation offense on the 9-yard line with a sack that forced LA into a long fourth down. After an incomplete pass by Salerno, It was the Passion’s turn to try to take control of the game. And control was seemingly taken by, once again, Marirose Roach, who had her fourth rushing touchdown of the game with 8:00 left to play in the second half, putting the Passion up 25-19.

With Salerno struggling in the second half, the Temptation used star running back Zipporah Chase to try and answer Roach’s scoring and move down the field on their next possesion, and it was a smart move. Chase methodically drove the ball down the field, and culminated a brilliant effort with a hard-fought 3-yard run into the end zone with 2:25 left to play. Salerno capped off the drive with a successful conversion sneak, and the Temptation went ahead 26-25.

A last ditch effort by the Passion offense ended in a fourth-down sack of QB Christy bell, and the Temptation were able to run out the clock and earn their second straight LFL bowl victory in one of the most exciting games in LFL history.

rushing yards 131 73
passing yards 30 82
total yards 161 155
1st downs 9 9
turnovers 1 0
4th down conversions 1/2 1/3

Photo Credit: © Eddie Perlas/

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  1. nick

    great job L.A! beating a team who’s coach cheated to get them there in the 1st place. karmas a bitch. tampa should have been there, but props to l.a.

    the league has really got to establish serious rules on what an lfl player should be and stick to those or it will never be fair. now, because of the passion coach having to go out and recruit a unqualified lfl player on a sneak tip, pretty much cheating because he wasn’t good enough to make winners out of the many girls who tried out and girls returning, all other teams are going to go out and get manly athletes, brutes, beasts and recruit them with the excuse of “well philly did it last year.” (And that coach won coach of the year!!!) if anything, he should have finished last because he had to do something sneaky and what other teams weren’t allowed to do to become winners. If you’re not attractive, and you have a beer belly and look like inmate #2769575 at the local womens state prison, and you’re also a good player, too bad, get lost. that’s what the lfl “was” about. now they have just opened a can of worms while tainting the lingerie-bowl, and really doing wrong a tampa team that abided by the rules, played hard and the league deprived them of a trip to vegas by letting philadelphia do what they did.

    Shame on the LFL. And congrats to L.A

  2. Brad

    I couldn’t disagree with the previous guy more. This is is a sport man. To say that she looks like an inmate is insulting and a very one-dimensional view. She certainly deserves to play. Don’t hate because your team lost.

  3. Gridlock

    HELL YEA!!! LA TEMP!!! Back 2 Back!!! In your face philly….. This one’s for the Dodgers gettin beat in the NLCS!!!….twice :( GREAT JOB LADIES!!!! I need to get me a “back 2 back” shirt!!!!

  4. Robert Groeling

    Philidelphia is my “least” favorite team. They are trash talkers and fighters, which demeans the LFL. TB could have beat the Philidelphia Passion if they managed the clock better in their playoff loss. :(

    Phili got away from their game plan with 2 minutes left this evening. Passing into a superior set of safetys and linebackers. There were no less than three Temptation players on top of Bell on one roll out play, and even Natalie Jahnke was a defensive secondary lol, who helped bat away the ball to help save the game.

    Roach was unstoppable. No wonder in her post game interview she couldnt believe the Passion lost. Now she knows how the Breeze feel.

    Go Temptation Nation!

  5. DWR

    First Congrats to the Temps for winning, and both teams for making it that far. It is hard to believe the comments that people leave with both teams having superior athletes. Obviously the first guy really never was a athlete, or was cut from the team that was the runner up and uses alternate names. The second thing is Roach is a superior athlete she scored 4 TD’s. In my book that even though you took a loss is still unstopable and is probably the best RB in all of WOMENS FOOTBALL, and hats off the Solerno for having a great season and a great game. People athletes are athletes, and some people love the game. Great Job to both Teams.

  6. melanief

    I think the latest blog on sums it up best. Phillie had the best player but LA had the best overall team. Check it out. Congratulations Temps!

  7. Care

    The first guy had one thing right….no one wants to see a bunch of manly girls in the lfl uniforms…but how do you regulate the players looks/size.?
    It’s just becoming another WFL…which sucks, because even though the league is suppose to be about flaunting athletic ability AND good looks… the athletic aspect is winning out- even if the girls aren’t really that “good looking”.
    The league had a weight limit the first year…which I thought it should have stuck to…because the smaller girls that wanted to play football got a chance to show their athleticism…(that couldn’t be used in the WFL)
    Let’s be honest…most “good looking” girls are NOT very big…and those good looking smaller girls won’t want to play in a league that is basically the same as the WFL…
    so how are you going to regulate???
    Unless that’s what the league wants…a bunch of bigger/heavier girls in bikinis….

  8. pfatpat32

    damn did yall see Lingerie Bowl 8 and zipporah chase ass..
    thats shit was crazy big…i didn’t believe it when they say she weight 170pd but than she turn i see..
    i wonder why most girls briefs kinda fit and zipporah breif was all up in that ass.i guess they gave here the wrong sizes

  9. LFL Aspirer

    This year was most definitely different than last year. They were all about looking for the smaller girls with good looks, because obviously football and sex sells. This year was a bunch of beer bellied girls, with no tone or definition in their body what-so-ever squeezed into tiny uniforms. Those girls may like football but enjoy knocking the bottle back as well on their nights off. Majority of athletic women are IN SHAPE and care about what goes in their bodies. Look at Passion’s wins this year, having a girl who once played in a professional women’s football league scoring almost every touch down for them, Philly became a one man team this year and that’s how they won. The hype last year was about Miami having a large sized girl and I remember Philly crying about their loss to them and they went and did the same thing this year. This league is a joke. No rules or regulations are being followed. What bull, I wouldn’t spend any of my hard earned money to attend a game.

  10. A "REAL" Woman

    I understand women wanting to play football, but let’s be real… the majority of these females (i.e. Zipporah Chase) love the attention more than the sport! While her “althleticism” is undisputed, she KEEPS half her behind out, her walk SCREAMS STANK, dances very provocatively ALL the time, and CRIES after every game…talk about STARVING for attention–AND FOR HOW MUCH MONEY???

    It’s called LFL! If they just wanted to play football, there are women’s football leagues they could play in where they could be fully padded–but opps–they won’t be on MTV with half their butts out!! LOL!…but they could be athletes–play football–Heck, if they had more clothes on, I would play!!…to each his own, but come on…let’s just keep it REAL!! SEX SELLS!!

  11. Kevin

    Seriously, I would love to meet the posters talking sh** about Roach and challenge your point of view face-to-face. Should she apologize for being physically gifted? An incredible athlete?

    Marirose is a beautiful woman and a beautiful person. She is about 5’6″, probably 140 lbs. She ran track in high school and college and is likely a D cup. Sounds like a perfect candidate for the LFL to me. Are you just upset that someone as good as her is that much better than the players you root for? Cut the machismo BS and recognize an incredible female athlete when you see one.

  12. Murray Cohen

    Best LFL game ever, PERIOD. And yes, don’t kid yourself, this was Roach vs. Salerno. If you take Roach away from Philly and Salerno from LA, neither team makes it to the playoffs. These are special players, game changers, both of them. Round one goes to Salerno with the golden arm.

  13. JAKE

    i have to disagree with the 1st guys comment. this is to ALL the lfl fans out there who fit this criteria. if you actually go to these games to see titties and ass then that in itself is SAD. but if your a fan like i am who watches the games because these ladies have PASSION, SKILL, TALENT, and ATHLETICISM and JUST SO HAPPENS to look good doing it then your good to go.this year of lfl had in my opinion the most EXSPLOSIVE and exciting games in lfl’s history (the lingerie bowl game, and the season games like L.A vs chicago, S.D vs seattle, and orlando vs philly to name a few) this league is growing not because of the pretty girls but because of the all stars making the games exciting like roach, deborah poles, gaxiola, ziphorra chase heather furr, tasha THE TANK pryor, salerno, nayonka dixon, liz gorman, bryn renda, shannon renee to name a few. OH and these girls that i named not only are leading the league in some or most categories but some of them have a little belly or not that good looking or dont have a body not just roach but these are the girls that are making this league blossom and grow. they shouldn’t be disrespected. sorry a little off topic GO L.A and great game lol

  14. T_aka_theeTRUTH

    A “real” woman couldn’t tackle zipporah chase: if her life depended on it, for a million dollars, and z was in stilettos. The end.

  15. Johnna P

    i would like to congratulate both L A and Philly. i am a big supporter of the BLISS and i am late but congrats to L A
    and we r looking forward to competing against the league champs again. GO BLISS!!!!

  16. bill murr

    A height/ weight limit makes sense for the league for a lot of reasons, but protecting the women out there is the one most on my mind. I loved this league after watching exactely ONE game– but the hits that are being put on out there are no joke. A heavy chick could seriously injure another player out there and particularly based on the protective equipment they wear- that just isn’t acceptable. Further, the action is fun to watch not only because a large number of the gals are hot, but based on height weight limits it stays fast and fun to watch. I’m not interested in watching a 300 pounder take the line- and God forbid in a bikini, thanks. One final thought: TELEVISE MORE DAMN GAMES ALREADY!!! I’d watch this just as or more readily than the NFL… and considering they may lock out next year, hello opportunity

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