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There is nothing like the intense competition that builds between two rivals in sports. The pressure of this competition is felt by players, coaches, and ownership, but is perhaps felt strongest by the fans. These rivalries are developed through years of competition where both sides are fighting for the same thing. These rivalries are what make people invest their passion into sports.

In the LFL, there is no better rivalry than that of the Seattle Mist vs the LA Temptation. As two of the three teams that have played in the league every season since the inception (Chicago being the third), there is a long track-record of close games between the Mist and Temptation that have stamped their place in the history books.

Los Angeles has always been in the mix of high-stakes games in the LFL, which led to early-on rivalries that brewed between LA and Dallas in the first two seasons, as well as a rivalry that would still exist between Chicago and LA, if Chicago hadn’t moved to the Eastern Conference. The Temptation and Bliss have faced each other in the playoffs a total of four times, including the first Legends Cup where LA went on to win its first of three straight titles. These high-stakes games facing the same opponent are where rivalries are built.

Although the Seattle Mist and the LA Temptation have only faced off one time in the playoffs, almost every game played was a meaningful game for that season. In 2009 and 2011, both games were decisive on which team went on to the playoffs.

Last season, the league introduced the year of ‘More Games, More Rivalries’, in which there were only six teams that played six games each, resulting in the Mist and Temptation playing three times in the regular season. Until last season, LA owned the rivalry with winning four of their six contests, with one loss being an exhibition game in December of 2013 as the two faced off in the leagues second Pacific Cup. To some players, like Hall-of-Fame linebacker Monique Gaxiola, that Pacific Cup was meaningless and shouldn’t be factored into this rivalry.

“I didn’t play in the Pacific Cup and that was a weak ass exhibition game. So in my opinion that game doesn’t count. That’s like saying in the NFL, Oh we beat you in the preseason.” – Monique Gaxiola

Gaxiola is one of a small batch of athletes that have been involved with this rivalry since day one, having played in eight of the ten games. Actually, Gaxiola’s first game in the LFL was the first ever Seattle vs LA contest in which LA won by a score of 26-20. Gaxiola shared her favorite individual moment that took place in this rivalry which was when she recorded her first pick-six. Though she remembers that feeling, what is even more important for the veteran is experiencing the feeling of another Legends Cup Championship win, and the Seattle Mist stand in her teams way of attaining that goal this season.

Gaxiola describes Seattle as the Temptation’s “Hated Rivals”. Her and her teammates have been bitter about the way Seattle won the Conference Championship game last season with LA being yards away from the victory. With last year’s game being a big motivation during the off-season, Gaxiola is ready to start another chapter of the rivalry. When asked about her feelings on the rivalry today, she explained:

“There’s always been a huge rivalry but this past season, the rivalry has been taken to a whole new level. I don’t see green and blue when they step on the field, I see red. LA has so much to prove this season. Just because they have the Cup doesn’t mean we respect them as champs. The Cup needs to come back home where it started and where it belongs…in LA.”

ART- may 4th 2013 interception
Director/League Photographer
Another LA Temptation veteran, Ogom Chijindu, has also been around since the early years of this rivalry. If it wasn’t for a broken nose that kept Chijindu out of the first game in 2010, she would have played in nine straight games. When asked about the rivalry, she explained that eliminating Seattle from the playoffs in the first three seasons were her best memories of playing the Mist. She also noted that her ‘twerk’ on a Seattle player’s helmet in 2013 was also a great moment. As a fan-favorite highlight clip, that moment will remain in LFL history for many years to come.

Chijindu is looking forward to Sunday’s eleventh contest between the two franchises and explained “The thing with Seattle vs LA is these games are always close and the games literally have fans on the edge of their seats the entire time.”

The veteran corner-back is heading into her 6th season alongside Gaxiola who is the only player on the Temptation to play all seven seasons. The two vets are now playing on an LA team that has a completely different roster compared to seasons past. Their presence on defense is one of the consistencies to this franchise’s history.

On the other side of the rivalry, veteran Jessica Hopkins, like Chijindu, has played in nine of the ten games. Hopkins began her career in the LFL during the leagues second season and has had many great moments in these games. Her favorite memory was heading into the Citizens Business Bank Arena in 2013 and beating the Temptation the night they raised their third Championship banner in front of her team. That game came down to a 4th & 18, where Ashley Salerno threw a deep pass to Jasmine Byndlos, and Hopkins dove to knocked the ball from Byndlos’ hands. Seattle took over on downs and assumed the victory formation. Hopkins went on to explain, “Our defense was lights-out that night, and Salerno couldn’t do anything against us.”

Hopkins and her Seattle Mist also shared one of the special moments when they advanced to the franchise’s first Legends Cup appearance, by beating the Temptation 28-23 in Chicago during last season’s Western Conference Championship.


The only person who has been a part of each game in this rivalries short history is Seattle’s head-coach Chris Michaelson. He has coached the Mist since the beginning and has experienced many ups and downs, but finally reached the pinnacle of the sport last year by winning the team’s first Legends Cup Championship. Reflecting on all ten games that he has faced LA, Michaelson said “without question beating the Temptation last season in the playoffs, while they were at full strength, and taking a knee to run out the clock and move on the the Cup was by far my best moment in all six years.”

That moment was exactly where this storied rivalry left off and on Sunday another chapter to this duel will be written. With this rivalry currently standing at five wins apiece, a win for Seattle would mark the first time Seattle has lead this rivalry in the all-time head-to-head series.

For LA, the mission is to snap their three-game skid against their Western Conference foe, and get one step closer to their ultimate goal of putting another banner up in the rafters at the Citizens Business Bank Arena.

With the recent ‘switching of allegiances’ that took place this off-season, Sunday’s rivalry game is expected to be everything as advertised in Ontario, California. Former Mist veteran, Megan Hanson, who played an important role on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball last season for Seattle, is now wearing the black and white as she looks to help her new team regain its former glory. Lily Granston also switched sides in this rivalry and now pledges to beat her old team on Sunday.

The last dynamic that is sure to add fuel to the fire in this contest, is Seattle’e recent signing of Kimm Chase who played last season with LA, making her mark in the league as a dominant pass rusher. Now she will be lining up against her old team with the hopes of helping Seattle get one step closer to it’s second Legends Cup Championship.

This Game #11 between LA and Seattle could be the first of two this season if both advance to the playoffs. With only four regular season games this year, each game is critical for playoff contention as each head-to-head battle is a potential tie breaker at the end of the season.

Both teams need this win on Sunday. For Seattle a 2-0 start would be huge, as they face the Chicago Bliss in a few weeks. On the other side, an 0-1 start for LA would make for a difficult season, as they will face the Atlanta Steam, Dallas Desire, and Austin Acoustic, potentially having to win-out the remaining games to seal a playoff birth. Also note, the Temptation have never missed the playoffs in franchise history.

The tension is building currently and emotions will be at an all-time high in less than 48 hours. Until then, take a glance at the six year history between the Seattle Mist and Los Angels Temptation.

Game #1

LA-26 SEA-20

November 27, 2009
Location: LA Sports Arena

Game #2

LA-36 SEA-32

August 27th, 2010
Location: ShoWare Center

Game #3

LA-27 SEA-24

December 16th, 2011
Location: CB Bank Arena
12-16-11 Seattle

Game #4

LA-20 SEA-24

May 4th, 2013
Location: CB Bank Arena

Game #5

LA-25 SEA-27

December 6th, 2013
Location: ShoWare Center
In the second annual LFL Pacific Cup, the Seattle Mist took on the LA Temptation in a west coast showdown at the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA. The Mist outlasted the Temptation 27-25 to capture their second consecutive Pacific Cup. December 6th 2013. (Joshua Lewis / KOMO News)

Game #6

LA-34 SEA-12

August 2nd, 2014
Location: CB Bank Arena

Game #7

LA-14 SEA-13

May 29th, 2015
Location: ShoWare Center
May 29th

Game #8

LA-26 SEA-27

June 6th, 2015
Location: LA Coliseum
June 6th 2015 dfa

Game #9

LA-13 SEA-24

July 3rd, 2015
Location: ShoWare Center
July 3f daf

Game #10

LA-23 SEA-28

August 15th, 2015
Location: Toyota Park
ART- Aug 15th, 2015


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