Surge Turn To Outlaws To Prepare For LFL Australia Season

LFL360.com, Michael McGill

As the Inaugural Australian LFL season draws closer each team is looking for new ways to improve their game and test their skill levels. The New South Wales Surge took that idea to a whole new level last week when they took on the Penrith Outlaws men’s gridiron team in a flag scrimmage.

Surge coaches Jason Gaffey and Teren Tan wanted the girls to experience the intensity and speed of a real game and there is no better way to do that than line up against the men’s team. To say the girls were excited was an understatement to say the least.

After all the long training hours and play book sessions the team were like a caged lioness wanted to spring out of its cage and run riot. The level of enthusiasm and eagerness could be seen on each players face as they lined up against the opposing team.

From the moment the game started the Surge girls were relentless in their every play. Not one girl backed down from the challenge that stood in front of them. These were big men who have played Gridiron together for many years. Most people would consider this an uneven match up; not the NSW Surge. While it was a flag scrimmage scenario there were several big hits from both teams. The smiles, high fives and vocal encouragement amongst the girls was very encouraging and showed just how close knit this team has become.

Outlaws Coach Glen Bowes said of the game, ‘I thought that it wasn’t a fair challenge but as soon as we started I was blown away by the improvement in terms of skill level and football knowledge. They are extremely passionate and fearless competitors, which they clearly showed when they played against the larger, faster and more experienced men’s team, not taking a backward step’. He went on to say, ‘They are disciplined and well drilled. All in all I think they will be a force to be reckoned with come December!”

The game ended with the Outlaws scoring six touchdowns while the Surge entered the endzone twice. One of the Surge TD’s was scored by Wide Receiver Kayla Mulvogue who said of the experience, ‘Scoring a touchdown against the Outlaws was the most satisfying feeling. It worked because all seven of us on the field are doing our jobs properly. We didn’t let the fact that we were playing a men’s side intimidate us. All that was blocked out as I saw Renee’s perfect pass flying towards me and into my hands as I crossed the touchdown line.We really appreciated them coming down to training and hope for a rematch in the future if we haven’t scared them off!.’

It should be mentioned that scoring those two touchdowns against the Outlaws was extra special considering both of their safety’s play for NSW.

One Outlaws player who had a tough day was Quarterback Steven Albee. The sideline banter towards him was relentless. The girls really tried to put him off his game and it was great to see the girls go after him on the field as well. It became the girl’s mission to sack him, and sack him hard. Chloe Butler and Lisa Tauariki made sure of that.

Steven said of the day, ‘They were relentless in defense. They kept coming and coming and never gave me an easy option. They hit hard and my backside is still sore. They just kept surging towards me and never stopped. It was awesome to be apart of the day.’

Playing against the Outlaws was a huge bonus for the Surge girls with Safety and WR Amanda Janes saying of the experience, ‘We finally got the opportunity to test our skills, plays and ability against a real team. For me I learnt when step up and go for an intercept and when to hold off. You just can’t teach that stuff at training.’

Daniel Adams played on the Offensive and Defensive lines for the Outlaws and had the Surge in his face more than any other player on the day. He was impressed with what he saw, saying ‘The one thing that caught my eye and impressed me is the hunger and determination shown by the ladies. They never gave up and if you put some helmets on those girls they would have done some damage. The QB has a rocket arm and the WR ran some nice routes.’

He was full of praise for the girls, adding ‘They have totally won over my respect and I’ll be in full support of them. All I can say to the other teams out there is practice; and practice hard. These girls are no joke, they are out there to do some damage. It’s quite fitting their name is the SURGE as they have some power at their disposal.’

With praise like that you get the feeling that the NSW Surge will win over the general public and pack out the stadium once word filters out about the level of commitment and athleticism these girls show on the gridiron.

Wide receiver and safety Rosemary Wilson relished the chance to play against the Outlaws saying, ‘You don’t get better unless you constantly test yourself against the best competition you can, and this game against the Outlaws showed us what we are doing well and also gave us plenty to work on to make ourselves even better’.

The NSW Surge took a lot out of the game and will now hit the training field with more passion and drive as they continue to fine tune their game as we head towards December. The Angels, Maidens and Brigade are now on notice.

The Surge is coming!