(ATLANTA, GA. – Thursday, December 24, 2015)

Late January, the Atlanta Steam will start Mini-Camp with Forty (40) athletes vying for a spot on the 20-player roster.

The Legends Football League, also known as the Lingerie Football League, held open tryouts in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta on Saturday, December 12 and results suggest that the 2016 season will be one of the most competitive seasons in LFL history. As a result of the talent level that took part in the three auditions, several rookies were invited to the camps where they will join league veterans trying to make the final 20-player active roster for the opening of the eight-team 2016 LFLUSA regular season.

While off-season change is common for the LFL, the number of rookies combined with retirements and a new free agent system, promise to make the coming season one of the most exciting yet for fans of the league. Like all teams in the LFL, Atlanta fans will have a number of new faces- both rookies and LFL veterans wearing the Steam colors for the first time-to get to know over the next few months.

Atlanta had 54 athletes take part in the fourth open tryout in the history of the franchise which resulted in more than 20 rookies receiving invitations to camp. Joining the LFL newbie’s during the January sessions will be 12 Steam players that are returning as well as seven LFL veterans that will be working toward a roster spot for the black and red for the first time.



Returning Steammates

Brooke Barnhill (CB/WR), Jayne Caldwell (QB), Sharlene Fuller (G/SS), Alfye Gore (CB/FS), Keyon Harrison (CB/G/DE), Dakota Hughes (QB), Jessie Locklear (RB/WR), Coco Montgomery (TE/DE), Adrian Purnell (SS/TE), Dina Wojowski (C/MLB), Carolyn Wright (CB/WR), Lauran Ziegler (WR/CB)

Purnell 1Adrian Purnell

hughes 1Dakota Hughes

ziegler 1Lauran Ziegler

LFL Free-Agent Vets

Kimm Chase (DE/TE), Brittany Demery (DE/RB), Heather Hudson (WR/FS), Skeeter Moreno (CB/WR), Thereasa Petrizullio (WR/SS), Pia Perry (C/DE), Amanda Ruller (RB/WR)

Kimm dKimm Chase

Ruller sAmanda Ruller

TPTheresa Petruziello

LFL Rookies

Arryana Barton, Xica Brewer, Allena Bryant, Santia Deck, Dee Decker, Danielle Dicaterino, Angela Eliason, Tiara Elvin, Eisha Finnie, Chyanne H., Erica Koup, Mari Michelle, Artavious Moore, , Troylisha Orange, Allison Pompey, Adriana Smith, Vynnessa Smith, Oreonna Taylor, Katie Tessaro, LaChana Williams, Tiandra Williams.

Robinson believes at least two of the rookies, Decker and Deck, have the potential to be impact players in their first season in the LFL. Coach Robinson is planning to keep 26-28 players with 20 players on the active roster with the remainder comprising the practice squad.

With free agent movement still taking place, don’t be surprised to see some former Steam players taking the field for new teams this season. One popular Atlanta player, Jenny Mac, has already made the change by signing with one of the new franchises this season. Mac will be playing for the New England Liberty in 2016.

Despite the loss of some fan favorites, the fourth edition of the Atlanta Steam has the potential to be the deepest yet. However, after four consecutive losses to the Chicago Bliss, including a blowout in the 2015 Legends Cup, that date back to the title game in 2014, nothing less than the LFL championship will be seen as meeting that potential.

Tickets are available for both 2016 Atlanta Steam home games at the Infinite Energy Center​.

June 3rd vs Omaha

July 9th vs Los Angeles