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New South Wales Wants YOU!, LFL360.com, Michael McGill

LFL360.com, Michael McGill

Are you a fit and dedicated young lady? Do you work well in a team environment? Are sports a major part of your life? If you answered yes, then the New South Wales Surge needs your help!

The NSW Surge had their first open trials in June last year. The squad has been in training since that day, and they are now having a final open trial on the March 10th to bolster their ranks for the inaugural LFL season, set to kick off this December.

The women of the Surge are committed to one another, have each other’s back, and the encouragement they give their teammates during training is second to none. FYI, training with these girls is not for the faint hearted. Trust me, I tried it.

If you make it onto this squad, you will be expected to put in the hard yards at practice week after week. What you get back in return is the support of an amazing group of athletic young ladies who will be friends for life, and the opportunity to represent your hometown among thousands of fans.

The camaraderie is what makes the Surge standout from any other team in the league.
Coaches Jason Gaffey and Teren Tan have a real affinity with this squad. They know how to coach women athletes and teach them the finer points of the game.

The current squad is made up of girls from a variety of sports ranging from basketball, union, gymnastics, surfing, and baseball. Three of the women currently training with the Surge have already begun to standout during the months leading up to the inaugural LFL Australia season.

Mallory ‘Black Hawk’ Vogelhuber grew up in the US playing every sport that was available to her. She specialised in Synchronized Figure Skating, and her team was ranked third nationally. After finishing College in South Carolina she moved to Australia and planned to stay for only a year. Five years later, she is still here and finds herself on the NSW Surge squad playing Strong Safety.

Kelly ‘Popeye’ Goodwin was an elite gymnast for ten years before moving on to touch football. She has represented the ACT since the age of twelve all the way through to the U-20 women’s open, and mixed teams. Kelly is also on the ACT squad for Rugby 7’s. As a wide receiver Goodwin’s acceleration and speed will cause a lot of problems for opposing defenses. She is an extremely tough competitor who trains at least six days a week.

Brooklyn ‘Bounce’ Jackson could turn out to be the great success story of LFL Australia. She was in the Brisbane crowd with her sister watching one of the All-Fantasy Tour games last year and loved the game. As soon as she got home, she “Googled” the LFL, saw that there were trials in Sydney the following week, packed a bag, and flew down to try out. Unfortunately, Jackson quickly learned just how competitive this league is and missed the cut.
The following week Jackson joined the local Ladies Gridiron League, and over the last seven months has lost 15kg. She now trains seven days a week and has been training with the Surge for the past few months as a Center.

Mallory, Kelly and Brooklyn are just a small glimpse of what the Surge bring to the LFL. They will be there on March 10th battling it out with all the other athletes trying to secure a place on a NSW team that is bound to be the favourite for the inaugural Australian Legends Football League season.

It doesn’t matter what sporting background you come from. If you think you have what it takes to be a member of this select group of fine young women make sure you are at Sir Thomas Mitchell Reserve, Alexander Street, Dundas Valley, NSW on March 10th at 12.00pm-4.00pm.
Be part of History!