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Seattle Mist Look To Clinch Play-off Spot Saturday

The Seattle Mist are playing inspired football and remain the only remaining undefeated team in the Legends Football League. They are not, however, looking ahead to their first potential playoff game. They are not even looking ahead to the July 20 match-up with the Sin in Las Vegas. Seattle’s focus since their victory over the Temptation has been squarely on the Minnesota Valkyrie, for more than one reason as well.

With a win Saturday at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Seattle will notch its first winning season since the 2009-10 season when they went 3-1. With the Western Conference and the Pacific Division so hotly contested, a win would go a long way to help the Mist secure a playoff berth without the need of the tie-breaker system.

It will also help reiterate the fact that Chris Michaelson’s Seattle Mist is a true powerhouse in the tough LFL US. Coach Michaelson acknowledged this last point after last Thursday’s practice when he said he is looking to make a statement in this game.

It’s tough to match up the Mist and the Valkyrie since Minnesota’s only game so far this season was a 40-8 loss in Green Bay back on May 11. Ideally, that is enough time for the Valkyrie to take on Seattle with a healthy line-up. That is key because their offense looked fairly anemic in their game against the Chill. To be fair, Green Bay scored 36 on Seattle on the road and came within one drive of taking the Sin to overtime on the road in addition to the Minnesota game.

Statistics are not a good way to match these teams up, although Seattle is averaging 39.5 points per game with Laurel Creel behind center compared to Minnesota’s 8. The Valkyrie gave up 40 points while the Mist give up an average 28.5 points per game. Looking at these numbers, it suggests that both teams can be scored on but Seattle’s offense holds a significant advantage. We will see for sure on Saturday come kick-off. Seattle holds a 1-0 advantage in the series all time.

The Seattle Mist roster for July 6 looks like this:

Creel, Laurel – QB

Creger-Zier, Riki – WR/S

Fetzer, Tina – CB

Fowler, LaShaunda  – WR/S

Granston, Lily – RB/S

Hanson, Megan – C/LB

Hopkins, Jessica – WR/S

Hyatt, Shuree – TE/CB

Keffeler, Stormy – C/DE

Moore, Christine – C/LB/K

Norton, Shea – TE/DE

Rich, Mele – RB/CB

Sutey, Natalie – TE/DE

Warren, Kerry – RB/LB