BANG! That was pretty much all you could hear coming out of the Vadnais Heights Sports Complex in suburban Minneapolis this past week.

The players, now fully equipped, started hitting and hitting hard. The players and coaching staff have been waiting for this week for months.

“The players are fired up,” said Coach Tony Nguyen. “I mean look at them, they are bringing it.”

With the Chill waiting at “The Graveyard” in GB for the August 26th border battle, the Valkyrie know they need to be ready. It will be the first game for both teams and expectations around the LFL for both teams aren’t that great.

Both are projected, according to LFLUS.com, to finish 1-3. As of now, the Chill are rated higher than the Valkyrie in the power rankings: the Chill sitting at 7th and the Valkyrie at 9th.

You can expect the Valkyrie to use their placement at 9th as motivation. “Yeah, I saw the power rankings,” said Kendra Ruff, “Not sure where they got them from. But we just know we need to play hard and that ranking won’t matter.”

Kendra will miss the first game due to a knee injury, which is a big blow to the defense.

Speaking of the defense, it appears they are slightly ahead of the offenses at this moment. Which is expected; they are the ones that get to hit after all. Almost makes you feel bad for the offense. I know I wouldn’t want seven angry players that have been waiting months to hit chasing me down.

Don’t get me wrong, the offense showed flashes as well. By now, you all know the names, Leek, Lisa, Jana, Whitney, etc. But, make no mistake about it; there will be some players that you haven’t heard about that will make a big splash during the game on Friday.

Same goes for the defense. Yeah, we could tell you who is stepping up and bringing it, but we think there should be some surprises for you come game day right?

Plus, do you really think Chill players and fans won’t read this and share it with Coach Brown? I’m sure you know the answer to that. Not to mention, if we cause Coach Tony to have to wear pink (Losing coach of game must wear all pink during next game) he would kill us.

Just get yourself a favor and get out to Green Bay this Friday for the game. The hottest border battle in the LFL will have the Resch Center rocking with big plays and massive hits. Not to mention, you can come out to Stadium View before the game and experience the “Valkyrie Voice” podcast live and in person from 6pm-7:30pm.

In closing, if S.T.O.B. could give you some advice, it’s this: Don’t miss the game August 26 on MTV2 or in person. You will see some real football and some HUGE hits. Sure, the players will look amazing in their uniforms, but really, that will be the last thing on your mind.

Photo courtesy of J&K Creative, Official Photographer of the Minnesota Valkyrie