(PITTSBURGH, PA. – APRIL 19, 2017)

A city on the banks of the mighty 3 rivers kicks off their inaugural game Friday May 21st in Omaha.

Head Coach Joe Deberry a former Semi-Pro Head Coach with the Pittsburgh Buccaneers, is looking to make a statement and keep up with the City Of Champions tradition. “Outside of winning the game, our goal is to show how hard we have worked to get where we are.” Being a Head Coach is not like buying ice cream from the ice cream truck in the summer. Nobody points to a team, says I want that, and then it is given.

Deberry will be assisted by George Frisch, Jamont Kinds, and Brandon Stanoszek. The staff look to finish with everyone healthy just behind the goal of having a victory under their belt. The only way to get your name spoken about in a positive light in this league is by “Winning against a team that has been around for a while, plain and simple loosing gets you nowhere.” Just the unemployment line or Internet Memes.

(center) Head Coach Joe Deberry February 2017 tryout

“My excitement is beyond the roof.” States Deberry as he wrapped up who the final starters will be. The Rebellion have been hard at work since try-outs in February.“We can’t wait to show the world what we have put together. I probably won’t sleep at all Thursday night.”

The Rebellion being a first year team there are eyes around the league anxious to see these newbie’s performance. Out of the 3 rookie squads from 2016 season, only the Austin Acoustics (20161-3) remain. The Dallas Desire (2016 3-2) made the semifinals and lost to Seattle Mist. The much disappointing New England Liberty finished 2016 0-3-1.

The humble Head Coach continues to praise his team as he sees himself the motivating force. “We are a very humble team. A lot of these girls have grown up in Athletics. We will take it one game at a time; no game is any bigger than the other”

10 of the girls are from the Pittsburgh, Pa area, and all of them agree there is no better feeling than to don a jersey with your home city on it. All are pumped for family and friends to attend the May 6th game in Pittsburgh. The Rebellion knows anything can happen Friday night. They are hoping for a positive outcome. “I plan on us playing a great game” Deberry added. He also thanks Mitch Mortaza for the opportunity to head the Rebellions 1st season. Deberry added defending Legends Cup Champion Coach Keith Hac (Chicago Bliss) reached out to him and sees Coach Hac as a mentor. Pittsburgh does not play Chicago in regular season, but there could be a playoff match up if things go right.