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(Atlanta, GA – Tuesday, February 9)

Steam newcomers hold down the No. 1 spot in four of 14 starting positions in the first Atlanta Steam depth chart of the 2016 season which was released by third-year head coach Dane Robinson last week. First-year Steam members hold down starting slots at running-back, wide-receiver, corner-back, and defensive-end following the first of several preseason Mini-Camps.

Robinson has said he plans to carry 25-28 players this season, 20 of which would be on the active roster with the remainder comprising the practice squad, and there are 25 players listed on the initial depth chart.

Steam Depth Chart


QB: Dakota Hughes, Heather Hudson, Oreonna Taylor (R)
RB: Brittany Demery, Jessie Locklear, Tiara Elvin (R)/Santia Deck (R)
WR (X): Lauran Ziegler, Coco Montgomery, Angela Fusaro (R)
WR (Z): Theresa Petruziello, Heather Hudson, Angela Fusaro (R)
TE (Y): Coco Montgomery, Adrian Purnell, Danielle Dicaterino (R)
G: Sharlene Fuller, Arryana Barton, Adrianna Smith (R)
C: Dina Wojowski, Pia Perry, Adrianna Smith (R)


M: Dina Wojowoski, Pia Perry, Brianna Brown (R)
DE (L): Sharlene Fuller, Coco Montgomery, Adrianna Smith (R)
DE (R): Brittany Demery, Kera Bryant, Arryana Barton (R)
CB (L): Keyon Harrison/Alfye Gore, Mari Young
CB (R): Heather Hudson/Lauran Ziegler, Carolyn Wright/Brooke Barnhill
SS: Adrian Purnell, Theresa Petrizulio/Sharlene Fuller
FS: Lauran Ziegler/Heather Hudson, Alfye Gore

The corner-back and free-safety positions look to be the most hotly contested, but running-back is going to be closely watched as Robinson looks to fill the spot Nas Johnson held down for the first three seasons of the franchise.

Wojo 4 Wojowski

Ziegler 45 Ziegler

Purnell Purnell

hughes 4 Hughes

Atlanta Steam Elvin (Rookie)

Hudson 4 Petruziello & Hudson

Camp News

Veterans Amanda Ruller, Jayne Caldwell, and Kimm Chase were all invited to camp and had been projected to be part of the Steam preseason, but did not take part in the first minicamp. While Ruller is recovering from minor knee surgery and will join the team closer to the Atlanta opener, Chase is also expected to compete for a roster spot. Caldwell decided to pursue an opportunity with the Temptation.

Breaking Roster News

Fan favorite Leanne Hardin has decided to return to compete for a spot on the 2016 roster. Coach Robinson confirmed that he spoke with her on Wednesday night, and that she will be taking part in the upcoming sessions.

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