This offseason and Training Camp have yielded a more committed roster of veterans and the best rookie class Los Angeles has seen in a number of years. Cohesion between team leadership and the coaching staff also seems vastly improved. Biggest challenge for this team will be battling through lingering injuries from 2017 season, that have impact players on the sideline which include Cynthia Schmidt, Ogom Chijundu, Naja Christmas and Lily Granston.

STRENGTH: Quarterback play, experience and a solid run-game.

WEAKNESS: Lack of go-to receiver, size concerns on the defensive front line.

COACHING, C+: HEAD COACH | DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR, TUI SUIAUNOA Finally getting comfortable in the head role, Suiaunoa has moved on from his soft-spoken personality to an authoritative head coach. Already regarded as one of the best, if not the best defensive coordinator in the history of the game. Suiaunoa has also surrounded himself with capable assistants.

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR, RORY DAIRY Taking over control of an offense that greatly under-performed under OC Jeff Lowden in 2017. Dairy already has a great command of the offensive huddle and most importantly, a good relationship forming with quarterback Ashley Salerno. Dairy’s biggest task will be making Salerno play to her strength of being a pocket-passer.



QUARTERBACK, B+ : ASHLEY SALERNO, QB Entering her 7th season, Salerno used the off-season to shed pounds, as The Snake is the leanest she has been since her rookie season. Her accuracy and comfort within the offensive system as well as with OC Rory Dairy is extremely high. Salerno has to develop a mentality of pass-first and avoid her run-first mentality. Lacking the weapons most premiere LFL QBs enjoy, with Delany Hall being average, Cynthia Schmidt injured and inconsistent. A bright spot and go-to target could be rookie WR Michelle Kenny.


WIDE RECEIVER, C: CYNTHIA SCHMIDT, WR Coming off an injury which Schmidt is yet to be cleared from, a shaky Wide Receiver crew in Los Angeles is now even more uncertain. Schmidt has the size to become a elite receiver in the LFL, simply lacks the drive and motivation to develop her game. Hands are very inconsistent and lacks the physical aspect in her game, despite her size.

DELANY HALL, WR Hall has never broken-through at the position, like most thought she might. A more impactful player on the defensive side of the ball, Hall may need to step into the No.1 receiver role with Schmidt’s uncertainty.

MALISSA MILES, WR Easily the hardest-working and most improved receiver in this group. Miles has the potential to develop as a better option than Schmidt or Hall for Salerno. Miles’ hands still need work as does her route running.

MICHELLE KENNY, WR Coming from the 11-on-11 world, Kenny has the experience, hands and route running. She will need to adjust to the far faster pace of the LFL and a much more athletic and quicker defense.

RUNNING BACK, B : CARMEN BOURSEAU, RB The F-150 has really developed in the No.1 running back slot, with Nas Johnson taking a year away, Bourseau truly became an every down back. This off-season coaches worked with her vision to turn the F-150 into not just a north / south runner but one with cut-back ability. Bourseau can also be a threat receiving out of the backfield.

NAS JOHNSON, RB Johnson is a hit or miss prospect. Lacks the commitment to truly become a valuable asset, as was the case with her time with the Atlanta Steam. In the open field Johnson can make defenses pay, however, her toughness has been rather suspect. The return of Johnson could be the ideal scenario for Los Angeles, using Bourseau 1st, 2nd and 3rd downs, while using Johnson sparingly in passing downs as a receiving option or the occasional draw play.

OFFENSIVE LINE, B: MEGHAN HANSON, C In her fourth season, Hanson, when healthy, can be the best Center in the league. Very reliable under-center, in a season that saw multiple snaps over the heads of Quarterbacks around the league, from becoming the elite Center, in the game.

SHERRI AWAGAH, TE The monster tight end is very physical and has surprisingly soft-hands as a receiving option. Look for the Los Angeles’ offense to run more plays designated to get the 5’11 170 pound tight end, isolated against smaller defenders.

CHRISTINA SAGARMINAGA, TE SAGARMINAGA will have big shoes to fill as the line, losing Kiara Takarangi, an All-Fantasy tight end in 2017. Sagarminaga lacks a physical presence and is definitely the weak spot on this line. Los Angeles should consider returning long-time veteran Danielle Harvey into this spot.

KATRINA NICHOLSON, C The rookie can become the best talent of this offensive line group. Nicholson despite being a rookie has laser-like focus and plays mean and angry at the position. The obvious move would be to start Nicholson at Center and allow Hanson to just focus on the defensive side of the ball. If given the opportunity in 2017, Nicholson can become an All-Fantasy addition to this unit.



MIDDLE LINEBACKER, B: MEGHAN HANSON, MLB In her ideal spot on the football field, Hanson surprised everyone with an All-Fantasy season at middle linebacker in 2017. Most would argue her play well-surpassed that of the heralded Monique Gaxiola at the position. Hanson is mobile and has a great instinct in tracking down the football. In an ideal world for Los Angeles, Hanson gets the opportunity to solely play MLB and become truly dominant.
DEFENSIVE LINE, C-: NAJA CHRISTMAS, DE Often regarded as the most perfect physical specimen in the LFL, everyone had high hopes for this young stud defensive end. But injuries and raw talent have kept Christmas from delivering. A season-ending MCL injury in 2017, has Christmas doubtful as to the timing of her 2018 season.

TIJUANA ANDERSON, DE Had moments of break-through potential in 2017, but Anderson lacks the size to become a force at DE. Good nose for the football, but is entirely too raw to be impactful in 2018.

LACEY GUGLIEMINO, DE Interesting prospect for this defensive line that needs all the help it can get. Gugliemino could separate herself as the premiere athlete on this line.

SECONDARY, C+: CHELSEA HAARDT, CB Entering her sixth season, Haardt has become perhaps the best tackling corner in the league, but don’t ask her to cover. Haardt can and easily is exposed in the passing game. Better suited to play the defensive line. Haardt can become a disruptive force inside, but outside at corner, she struggles to defend against the pass. Adding more muscle this off-season, will slow her down that much more in the passing game.

OGOM CHIJUNDU, CB Alongside Chelsea Haardt, the most tenured Temptation member is corner Ogom Chijundu. Much like her fellow corner Chelsea Haardt, Chijundu is a great open field tackler, but cannot cover. Chijundu lacks the lateral movement a corner needs, as well as the speed to make up for her lack of coverage skills. Haardt and Chijundu would be far better ultilized on the defensive line, where frankly, Los Angeles can use the help.

LILY GRANSTON, SS Granston has proven that she can be a Top 3 Safety in the league, her tackling instincts are one of the best in the league. Her small-frame has led Granston to being injury-prone, including sitting out the entire off-season. The third-year Safety’s return will be vital to this defense’s success.

DANELLE HARVEY, SS Harvey is arguably the best pure athlete on this defense. With Chijundu injured, Harvey has spent most of Camp at the corner position, a position that could become her’s to lose. Harvey has much better potential at Corner than Chijundu or Haardt. Another interesting position for Harvey could be at Rover, considering her athleticism. Although Granston is scheduled to return in-time for opening night.

DELANERY HALL, FS The ball-hawking Safety has been under-rated at the position. While Hall struggles against the run, she more than makes up for it against the pass. Sorely needed in this Los Angeles secondary, coverage skills.