Preseason Power Rankings


Returned all key Starters with the exception of QB Jacinda Barclay who is lost to disciplinary league suspension, replaced by another Aussie signal-caller in Jayne Caldwell, which equalizes the loss. Biggest news, return of Alli Alberts off suspension, now enables perhaps the deepest grouping of specialists ever on one LFL roster. Imagine the outside targets for Caldwell with Alberts and 2016 Rookie of the Year nominee AJ Johnson, who led all receivers in 2016 with 24 receptions and 9 TDs. Defensively turmoiled yet effective Nneka Kwani returns to the team in place of the retired All-Star defensive end Yashi Rice.

KEY ADDITIONS – JAYNE CALDWELL, Quarterback (from Los Angeles), ALLI ALBERTS, Wide Receiver / Safety, NNEKA KNWANI, Defensive End (from Atlanta)

KEY LOSSES – JACINDA BARCLAY Quarterback (League suspension)

KEY FOR SUCCESS – Ease QB Jayne Caldwell into the system, Caldwell does not have to win games for Chicago, she just cannot lose them.


Despite the biggest loss in franchise history with the retirement of Danika Brace, the richer still got richer. Seattle landed the most impressive pool of 2017 Free Agents in Dallas’ Michelle Angel, Jade Randle and Danielle Hawkins being the most impactful. Doubtful that Angel will dethrone the now established QB Starter KK Matheny, despite Matheny’s choking in the Legends Cup. Defensively, Hawkins and Randle will instantly upgrade what was at times at very suspect defense in 2016. Angel could team with Randle at Safety, trying to fill the very large shoes of Danika Brace.

KEY ADDITIONS – MICHELLE ANGEL, Quarterback, JADE RANDLE, Wide Receiver / Safety Jade, DANIELLE HAWKINS, Defensive End

KEY LOSSES – DANIKA BRACE, Tight End / Safety (Retirement)

KEY FOR SUCCESS – The integration of key Free Agent signings to an already established culture.


The most impactful Quarterback in league history, Ashley Salerno returns from suspension. Time will tell if Salerno’s legacy will be that of Johnny Manziel with all of her off the field issues or Aaron Rodgers, given her obvious talent. LA still lacks a second receiver to team with Cynthia Schmidt, who is coming off a solid 2016 season. LA’s running game will become a Thunder & Lightning approach with the re-signing of Carmen ‘F 150’ Bourseau and the return of Nas Johnson. Johnson is a better passing receiving back, lacks the toughness between the tackles.


KEY LOSSES – JAYNE CALDWELL, Quarterback (to Chicago)

KEY FOR SUCCESS – More disciplined approach from coaching staff, as this team has fallen apart each late-season run, due to poor veteran and coaching leadership.


Coming off an extremely disappointing 1-3 season, Atlanta continued to underwhelm their fans despite the talent on the roster. Good news, the nucleus remains in tact with Steam’s version of The Triplettes, Quarterback Dakota Hughes, Tight End / Safety Adrian Purnell, Wide Receiver / Safety Lauran Ziegler. If Atlanta does not get over the hump in 2017, coaching should be explored as a possible shift in direction, considering the lackluster results of this all-star roster.

KEY ADDITIONS – No Free Agent Signings.

KEY LOSSES – COCO MONTGOMERY, Tight End (Retirement), THEREA PETRUZIELLO, Safety (Retirement)

KEY FOR SUCCESS – Develop a consistent run game complimented by play-action, keep a defense that has never excelled, off the field with a play-clock controlling defense.


Austin upgraded its coaching while providing one more year of experience to sophomore phenom Quarterback, Teshay Winfrey, who at times showed flashes of greatness in 2016, however poor decision-making was her achilles heel. While Austin’s offense did move the ball in 2016, it was their defense that often let the team down. Primarily the defensive struggles were due to a lack of size and Austin did not do much to improve upon that this off-season.

KEY ADDITIONS – KRISTEN BECKMAN, Wide Receiver (from New England)

KEY LOSSES – No Key Losses.


Reeling off back-to-back embarrassing seasons in Omaha, the Heart went back to their origins this off-season. Hiring former head coach Dontae Allen and his former staff who were the only staff in Heart history to have success. They did not stop at the signing Coach Allen, they also signed the most sought after Quarterback in Free Agency, Alex Drake, while bringing back prominent former veterans such as Jaqueline ‘Wolverine’ Good. The Wlidcard could be Nicki Bernhardt, the Heart 2nd year running back can become an All-Star if she truly learns the position.

KEY ADDITIONS – ALEX DRAKE, Quarterback (from New England)

KEY LOSSES – No Key Losses.

KEY TO SUCCESS – Develop Bernhardt and the run game, as Drake continues to develop into a franchise Quarterback. Defensively, return to the more physical attacking scheme that previously gained Omaha respectability.


Despite being an expansion franchise, there will be very little patience in Steel Country if this team struggles. The biggest challenge has been physical fitness, the team could be without its starting Quarterback, due to being out shape. The bright light has to be a couple solid Free Agent pick-ups from New England, specifically wide receiver Jolie Efezekhae as well as having a consistent LFL veteran and leader like Remy Olinzock.

KEY ADDITIONS – JOLIE EFEZEKHAE, Wide Receiver (from New England), JESSICA JOHNSON, Wide Receiver (from New England)

KEY LOSSES – 1st Year Franchise

KEY TO SUCCESS – Developing a dependable Quarterback should be the primary focus. If a QB is identified, there are potentially a lot of specialist weapons on the offensive side of the ball.


This team could surprise with a very good base of athletes, this is a roster of physical athletes that can dominate. The downfall of the Denver season could very well be the lack of a franchise Quarterback or any Quarterback. If this team plays to its strengths of the run game and plays physical football, they could surprise a few, but it will be tough in the Western Conference.

KEY ADDITIONS – No Free Agent Signings.

KEY LOSSES – 1st Year Franchise

KEY TO SUCCESS – Stay in games by developing a run-game that moves the chains. Take advantage of your size upfront and simply intimidate and out-physical everyone.