(Atlanta, GA – Tuesday, March 8)

Steam head coach Dane Robinson released the second depth chart of the 2016 season earlier this week, and included in the update was the news that Brittany Demery will be No. 1 running back. While there was little difference from the February chart, the decision that Demery would take over the top RB slot addresses one of the main position questions that Robinson had coming into the preseason sessions.

While the running back question has been answered there are position battles at tight end on the offensive side of the ball as well as defensive end (L), cornerback (L and R), and free safety on the defensive side.

While Demery will be the “go to back” she will not be an every-down back because she will also be starting on the defensive side of the ball. Robinson said that her “athleticism, speed, power, and ability to read defenses and find a hole has cemented her as our go to RB leading into the season.”

Demery 4
Veterans Coco Montgomery and Adrian Purnell will split time at tight end because Robinson plans to rotate the duo to lessen fatigue. His plan is to go with the player with the “hot hand” and the better match up.

Rookie Brianna Brown has impressed the Steam coaching staff over the last month so much that the hometown girl now holds down the No. 2 spot at guard. Brown also jumped from No. 4 in the Middle of the D to No. 2.

Brown 4
Robinson speaks highly of the natural talent Brown brings to the field:

“Brown is making a case to be included in our active 14. She has never played football before, but that has shown to be an advantage for her because she has not come in with any bad habits.” He went on to say “Because of her tenacity and size, she can play on both sides of the line of scrimmage which may mean she finds her way on the field playing come June 3rd as a true rookie.”

Kimm Chase was not included in the February chart, but is now No. 2 at the right DE slot.

Steam Depth Chart


QB: Dakota Hughes, Heather Hudson, Oreonna Taylor (R)
RB: Brittany Demery, Jessie Locklear, Tiara Elvin (R)/Santia Deck (R)
WR (X): Lauran Ziegler, Coco Montgomery, Angela Fusaro (R)
WR (Z): Theresa Petruziello, Heather Hudson, Angela Fusaro (R)
TE (Y): Coco Montgomery/ Adrian Purnell, Arryana Barton, Danielle Dicaterino (R)
G: Sharlene Fuller, Brianna Brown (R), Adrianna Smith (R)
C: Dina Wojowski, Pia Perry, Adrianna Smith (R)


M: Dina Wojowoski, Brianna Brown (R), Leanne Hardin/Pia Perry
DE (L): Sharlene Fuller/Coco Montgomery, Arryana Barton (R),
DE (R): Brittany Demery,Kimm Chase/K. Bryant,
CB (L): Keyon Harrison/Alfye Gore, Carolyn Wright, Mari Young
CB (R): Heather Hudson/Lauran Ziegler, Brooke Barnhill
SS: Adrian Purnell, Theresa Petrizulio, Sharlene Fuller
FS: Lauran Ziegler/Heather Hudson, Alfye Gore

Amanda Ruller and Kimm Chase are both on the most recent depth chart after their participation in the upcoming season was confirmed. Ruller is rehabbing an injury and should be ready by the season opener while Chase reversed her decision not to play this season. Leanne Hardin has rejoined the team in an effort to make the roster, and is currently No. 3 in the fight for the M slot.

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Photo Credit: Tony Villatoro, Website- Toro Photo