LFL: Atlanta Steam at Pittsburgh Rebellion



The Rebellion and the City of Pittsburgh gave the Steam a chill last week. The 46 degree kickoff temperature will be the coldest outdoor game this LFL season. The weather wouldn’t be enough to damper Atlanta’s victory.

QB Morgan Spencer (1) brought with her much improvement this game, going 10 for 25 with only 1 pick. The rainy condition had Pittsburgh focused more on the run game led by Sonia Osselborn (2) who went 19rushes for 54yards 1-TD. Osselborn is starting to be the breakout star of the offense. Last game against Omaha; she was 2nd in All Purpose Yards with 44.

Going up against what can be argued the 2nd best team in the Eastern Conference, Atlanta Steam, she racked up 70. Sonia’s A.P.Y was 29 more than Gina Campese (18) which finished right behind her.

Gina as a threat may have come as a surprise to the Steam. Against Omaha, Gina Campese was more defensively used and recorded no stats on offense. Like an unmarked State Trooper, Campese jumps out of nowhere this game! Gina’s 4rec – 41 yards made her the key receiver that Atlanta had no idea of. (License and registration was not required) Campsese did not record a Touchdown but, we can bet on June 10th rematch with Omaha she will have 1 maybe even 2.

The Osselborn Campese 1-2 punch could be what the Rebellion need as their sidearm to prevent falling 0-3. The primary fire power should stay Jolie Efezkhae (15), whom yards have fallen only because of receptions shared with Gina. Efezkhae still leads the Rebellion in reception yards with 46 on the season.

The Defense also gets praise this game for not allowing 93 to get chalked up on the scoreboard. Jessica Johnson(10) made sure of that with 4 solo tackles.

In the Omaha game Remy Olinzock(5) clocked in a force fumble which was recovered by the Rebellion. This week Remy added 4 tackles to her resume. One of those tackles counted for a TFL (Tackle for a loss) of 2 yards.

The Rebellion’s next game will be at home against the Omaha Heart June 10th, 2017


Maurice Matthews II