Pacific Cup Preview: BC Angels vs Seattle Mist Matchup,, Pete Richmire & Tone Young, Pete Richmire & Tone Young

As the Pacific Cup kick off gets closer and the hype increases, this game has begun to take on a play-off feel with both of these teams looking to make a statement. Let’s take a look at how these teams compare statistically.

Taking the 2012 stats for BC and the 2011 stats for the Seattle Mist, one team does appear to have an edge:














QB: Laurel Creel (Sea) vs. Mary Ann Hanson (BC)

Mary Ann Hanson had a great 2012. Working with a primarily rookie receiving core, she completed 40.5% of her passes with six touchdowns and three interceptions. Hanson also ran in a touchdown and showed improvement with each game.

Laurel Creel has a decided advantage in experience and threw for 294 yards in 2011 with seven touchdowns and only one interception. Statistically, combined with a veteran group of receivers, Creel has the advantage in this category. Although, the fact that Hanson has a Championship under her belt makes it closer.

RB: Emily Bell (Sea) vs. Stephanie Manou (BC)

Emily Bell is a Mist veteran. She has been with the team and knows this offense, but with Kam Warner and Ericka Smith leading Seattle’s rushing attack last year, she saw limited time in the backfield. That will change this year as Bell will be the featured back for Seattle, however she is facing a rushing phenom in the Pacific Cup.

BC’s Stephanie Manou put up incredible numbers this year. She had 337 yards on 49 carries plus five touchdowns. She played for the Lingerie Bowl Champions and has more game experience rushing than Bell. Advantage Manou.


B.C. is coming into this game with their number two receiver Jessica Hopkins playing for Seattle. Aleesa Garcia and Ashley Petrie each have receiving touchdowns, and Kate Marshall looks to be a big part of the Angels receiving game as well. They will however be facing a much stronger secondary than they have ever seen so it might be a long night for the Angels receiving corps.

Seattle is deep at receiver. They are returning six players from 2011 including Jessica Hopkins (12 catches, 222 yards, 5 TDs) and Christine Moore who only had two catches, but they were both touchdowns. Seattle receivers gained 404 yards and found the end zone 10 times. Heading into the Border War, Seattle gets the nod at receivers.


B.C. will be without their number one statistical defender, Jessica Hopkins, who will be with Seattle for this game. The Angels have very strong pass rushers in Heidi Nordby (14 solo tackles, 3 tackles for loss and 1 sack) and Kate Marshall (12 solo tackles, 6 tackles for loss and 3 sacks). Ashley Hamer-Jackson and Darnelle Bernemann also had tackles for losses. Not including Hopkins and Moore’s stats, B.C. still managed two forced fumbles and two interceptions, so the Angels are not completely inept without the Washington natives.

Seattle’s defense combats B.C.’s stats with experience, experience and more experience. The Mist are returning seven players with defensive experience in the LFL’s stacked Western Conference that features the talented Las Vegas Sin and three time LFL Champion Los Angeles Temptation. Seattle brings back Hopkins, Moore and a team that forced three fumbles and allowed only 77 points in 2011. With the rule change removing restrictions on blitzing, look for Seattle’s defense to shine against a less experienced BC offense.

Coaching: Chris Michaelson (Sea) vs. Kevin Snell (BC)

Both of these guys know football. There is no question about that. Michaelson is the 2011 LFL US Coach of the Year. Snell guided his team to win the LFL Canada Championship. Look for a chess match of plays, schemes and different looks in this game. This category is a draw, but Michaelson has the edge in LFL experience and length of time with his players.


The B.C. Angels are Champions. They are fresh off a great season and look to bring their championship swagger and talent into Seattle. However, they also are looking for their first road win, and the ShoWare Center is a ridiculously tough place to try and get it.

Seattle’s fan base is amazing. They pack the ShoWare Center with 6,900 screaming fans who won the 2011 LFL US 8th Man on the Year Award. The Mist haven’t played since 2011 and they are hungry for action. They are the reigning LFL US Team of the Year and Jessica Hopkins is the Mortaza Award winner. Seattle is looking to make a statement heading into the upcoming US season, and they are looking to jump start it Saturday December 15th. Seattle’s experience tips this category their way.

Angels Coach Kevin Snell is looking forward to this game for his players, and he wants the opportunity to see how his Canadian athletes measure up against a U.S. team. One thing is for sure, we will all find out during this Saturday’s Pacific Cup!