Toronto at BC 9-29-12 273-L

Pacific Cup Preview: BC’s Hamer-Jackson Ready to Bring Down the Hammer, Mark Staffieri

One of the most intriguing personalities on the BC Angels, Ashley Hamer-Jackson has established herself as a fan favorite. Heading into the Pacific Cup on December 15th, the first interleague match in the history of the LFL, she is ready to bring her A-game.

Nicknamed “The Hammer,” Hamer-Jackson provided an explanation to the meaning of her nickname, “… yeah, it’s Hammer! It’s my job to hammer those girls and make them not want to get back up.”

During the regular season, Hamer-Jackson accumulated 8 tackles, including 1 for loss. For Hamer-Jackson, the accomplishment she is most proud of is the impression she has made on many female fans. “Honestly, the biggest thing to me is when women come up to me and say they were impressed with how talented we are and that it is empowering to see beautiful women playing such a “boys” sport. So what if we wear lingerie…why not show off our hard work?”

In the final game of the regular season against Toronto, Hamer-Jackson was one of many players in the contest wearing pink accessories as a statement to fight breast cancer. The fight against Breast Cancer is one that she is proud to participate in. “One hundred percent, I am very proud! I have known way too many young, middle-aged, and older amazing people who have suffered with cancer.”

The highlight of her season was the opportunity to win LFL Canada’s Lingerie Bowl. “Oh wow! [It meant] so much, and especially to play our best game yet! We knew we had it, and that Cup game just confirmed it! We are definitely the team to beat, and I am so proud to be an Angel. We will be even stronger next year to defend that title!”

When asked if she had mixed emotions about playing against some of her Angels teammates (like Christine Moore and Jessica Hopkins) who are suiting up for Seattle in the Pacific Cup, Hamer-Jackson replied, “No, I wouldn’t say mixed at all. I want a straight up ass kicking! No mercy! They are not our teammates in those green uniforms. When we step on that field, I don’t care if it’s my own great-grandmother on the other side; we are leaving it all on the field. We are not friends ‘till those 32 minutes are over!” Hamer-Jackson also had the opportunity to participate in some photo shoots to help promote the historic game. “I love the photo shoots, but nothing compares to laying girls out on that field!”

She is very confident of what it will take to win the Pacific Cup. “Playing Angels football and taking advantage of Hoppy (Jessica Hopkins) and (Christine) Moore’s weaknesses! We will find them! We will hit hard and we will most definitely execute!” Hamer-Jackson continued, “No one works harder than the Angels! Plus, I would like to remind the Mist that they are playing a team full of Canadian rookies. Laugh all they want, but beware, we haven’t even shown half of what Canada has to offer!”