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(Tuesday, May 3rd)

What a busy last couple weeks! It’s crazy to say that we are heading into week five! There are so many great games behind us and many more to look forward to.

Last time I wrote we just finished our opener, where Seattle came out on top, winning against the newbies, Austin Acoustic. Well this past week the Acoustic felt the feeling of victory for the first time with a win over New England, the other new franchise. New England Liberty has competed well but are still looking for their time to shine after losing both of their first games. Their first loss was in Omaha and now with a loss to Austin they are 0-2. I hope they at least had a good steak while they were in Omaha because I did and it was delicious!

Some of my favorite parts of the past weeks were defiantly my one-on-one interviews. I was able to talk with Alex Drake of the Liberty and Teshay Winfrey of the Acoustic twice now during our sit downs. It’s fun getting to know them and even better watching them play now that I know them so well. Teshay had an amazing game in week four, which I’m not surprised because there was a humble confidence in her this past week compared to her first game.


Week four was in Austin. What a cool city! I’ve been to the most random places in Texas, but never made it there until this past weekend. The LFL road crew and myself had a nice BBQ dinner the night before the game and enjoyed the rest of the evening at an outside lounge.

Hopefully this week’s game with the LA Temptation hosting the Dallas Desire is as fierce a game as the others have been. I’m sure LA wants to get a win under their belt!

See ya there LA fans!