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(Wednesday, April 12th)

I can’t believe my first official week with the LFL is already over! What a great first experience! It might be hard to beat this one. Myself and some of the LFL gang had an early morning flight to Seattle last Friday. We arrived early enough that I had most of the day to rehearse. That evening we went to a delicious seafood dinner in downtown. It was a cool area right on the water.

Dessie 44567
Before I knew it, I woke up and it was game day! I was feeling excited, but of course a little anxious to get started. When I arrived at the arena, I started out with some one-on-one interviews with Danika Brace who has been in the league since the start and new-comer Steph Wickett of Austin Acoustics. The interviews went smoothly and they were both extremely welcoming!

I had some free time after my interviews so I watched both teams warm up. Right away I could feel the intensity and seriousness in these athletes. I loved watching the rhythm of the Mist practice with one and other. Their coach Chris Michelson is definitely tough, but his coaching style seems to get the best out of his players. During the Acoustic warm ups, I was able to do my opening broadcast. It was cool previewing the matchup, while I was right next to the players on the field. It was also my first time wearing earpieces to communicate with the broadcasting team, so it was hard to get used to hearing myself and knowing how loud I was talking, but it went great!

Then it was game time! The LFL had a really nice grand opening for the Mist as the reigning Legend Cup Champions and one of their very own players sang the National Anthem. I wasn’t kidding in my last blog when I said these women have many talents! The game started and the Mist were dominating the field, which made the already fired-up fans even more pumped! The arena was packed completely full of what are know in Seattle as ‘Mist Fits’.

The first half wasn’t looking too good offensively for the Acoustic, and then they scored right before half-time! I was sitting with the Acoustic and it was intense. Their first TD definitely happened at a good time to keep their spirits up! After the half-time break, it felt like I was sitting with a new team, they were ready to fight! The Mist was not letting that happen though and played an aggressive game. Being so close to the players, I witnessed a lot of bruises starting to form and huge turf burns, which quickly confirmed my thought that these women are truly the toughest I know!


In the end the Mist defeated the Acoustic. The crowd was ecstatic and so was the team to start their season out with a victory. Austin tried their best and I’m looking forward to seeing their next game. Overall, I couldn’t ask for a better first experience! See you in Omaha!