OMAHA, NE –APRIL 20, 2017

Surviving to see another season, the Omaha Heart finished 1-3 last season look to improve their pulse. Head Coach Dontae Allen is looking to dethrone current Legends Cup champion Chicago Bliss. The first obstacles for the Heart are the Pittsburgh Rebellion.

“We don’t want any locker room calmness” states Allen. “We want them fired up and ready to go physically and mentally.” A Facebook selfie posted by Nicki Bernhardt shows she has taken no days off since the 2016 season concluded. Allen made it clear in his interview that Omaha will be a competitive again. Very confident of making this a reality Allen made sure it was clear and understood every player will be held accountable for their assignments.

Nicki Bernhardt shows no days off (Courtesy of Omaha Heart Facebook page)

The offense is about keeping it simple yet effective is how the coach explained the offense for 2017. With Omaha’s new tactic, we could possibly see a constant rotation is starters if current starters don’t produce.

The Heart see failure as not an option this season as Coach Allen has his excitement at a 10 for the first game. “I am excited to get back on the field as a Head Coach and see my players in action”. Like any team that has struggled in a previous season, Allen knows they have an uphill battle trying to get fans back in the seats after the last 2 seasons. Omaha native and Billionaire Warren Buffett visited the team last season. Buffett has had a few failures in his life but that didn’t stop him from where he currently is.

Warren Buffett enjoys photo with Omaha Heart

A Heart home victory would help get the fans back in the seats as Dontae Allen and the ladies want. A sea of red and a helpful “8th Man” advantage could intimidate a newly formed Rebellion. Fans should come and pack out Ralston Arena as Omaha starts a new era.