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The Omaha Heart showed very little heart as the Atlanta Steam dominated. While the Heart had shown signs of promise during the course of their first two seasons, 2015 is off to a rough start for Omaha. The three veterans for the Heart were supposed to play a crucial role in the team’s success this season, but the lack of experience from everybody else on the team led to a lackluster team performance.

While the Heart had players on the field, they never truly were in the game. The offense struggled to do anything while on the field, making mistakes and looking uncertain with nearly every play. When they were able to execute a play, the Steam overpowered at every opportunity. The Heart offense was pushed around all game, which led to nearly every play resulting in negative yardage. While they had a couple of plays that worked very well, a majority of their offensive tactics were telegraphed to the Steam defense. This, combined with uncertainty, and a lack of intensity spelled disaster for a team that has consistently struggled to put points on the scoreboard.

On the defensive side of the ball, Omaha was equally ineffective allowing the Steam offense to score eleven touchdown. The Steam did not need to disguise their offensive schemes as Dakota Hughes was never under pressure. She had as much time as she wanted to execute surgeon-like precision against a stagnant Omaha Heart.

In previous seasons, Omaha has brought a defensive intensity that was recognized and respected across the league. However, after giving up a league high 79 points, Omaha looks to have very little bark and less bite.

“The girls know what it takes to play in the league now,” said Allen. “We have some work to do before we go to Chicago this week, but these rookies had their wake up call. Now these athletes have experienced what it takes to compete in the LFL.”

While it seems unlikely, the Heart will aim for a strong showing against the 2014 Legends Cup champions in the Chicago Bliss. It will be hard for the Heart to allow another 79 point difference in score, but the Bliss will aim to tear them apart. Playing away from home could prove to be equally ugly for the Heart, but Coach Allen feels that his team can put together a better performance and put in a David vs Goliath game. “These girls can compete in this league,” he emphasized, “they know what they will need to do to play with Chicago this weekend.”

Following this Saturday’s matchup against Chicago, the Heart will travel down to Atlanta to play the Steam again on May 2nd. This three-week stretch will be the biggest test for the Heart this season. Their next home game will be Saturday, June 13th in the Ralston Arena, when they welcome in the Chicago Bliss.