NSW Surge Team Chemistry Shining Bright, Michael McGill

The Legends Football League has certainly come a long way in a short space of time. In America it has just celebrated its 100th game. This December it hits the Australian shores and the NSW Surge are working hard for the inaugural season.

In the last six months the LFL has been re-branded to bring it in line with other successful sports. There is now a new name and a new uniform. The sport is evolving. And that is what all good sports do in their infancy.

It is hard to fault a sport that builds self-belief, team comradery and encourages you to be fit and active while having a great sporting experience with other like minded athletes.

The LFL empowers the female athletes who play this fast paced intense game. There is a family spirit within each team. This is evident when you look at a team like the LA Temptation. How else can you explain the three titles!  This also encourages the other teams to lift their game and intensity to match it with the Champions.

A special bond is formed once you join an LFL team. The girls become a close knit group who become a sisterhood. They not only share the gridiron together, they also share their hopes and dreams and the ups and downs of their every day life.

Cornerback Bronte Zeiher could not agree more adding “As an athlete I’m inspired and motivated day in and day out by numerous aspects of my life to be better and do better. Each sister on my team contributes to this, whether it be their discipline, positivity, experience or morale. Not many of my team mates or coaches realize how much they contribute to me as an athlete. Individuals don’t win championships, families do.”

Once the sports loving fraternity of Australia see these girls in action this December they will be hooked. The stadiums will be full of cheering fans. All the hard work on the training field will be worth it when the team runs onto the gridiron and see all those fans in the stands. These girls are pioneers, joining together to bring an amazing sport to the Australian public.

Safety and WR Amanda Janes summed up the training by saying “Stop talking and step up and take action, we train like we play… and we train hard.”

What makes an LFL team so unique is that you have athletes from so many different backgrounds. The NSW Surge brings that and more to the League.

Wide receiver Alison Laws had the following to say about her Surge team, “The Surge are a showcase of Australian sporting talent, from pitchers to touch football, from soccer to swimming, these girls have combined skills and determination from their roots of the sporting nation”.

Alison went on to add, “No one needs tell a Surge athlete what to do. It’s done. Committed to the one goal, every play is honoured with attention, encouragement, and finished with a high five, everything is finished, positively”.

One such player is running back Charlotte Van Veenendaal who is surely the fastest LFL player in Australia. She comes from an athletic background where she has represented her country, and at her peak was ranked the second fastest 200m and third quickest 100m sprinter. With a 60m time of 7.40 seconds, good luck to the opposition trying to catch her.

After having her athletic season cut short due to injury a friend suggested she try out for the LFL so Charlotte gave it a go, mentioning “I went along to the trials not knowing what to expect. What I found was a group of highly motivated, highly driven women who really wanted to achieve something great. I fell in love with team sports and with high contact. The rest is history.”

Now that Charlotte finds herself entrenched in the team she is really enjoying her time with the Surge squad. She is full of praise for her team saying “We are such a close bunch of girls and we all bring different qualities to the table which makes every single Surge session such a positive environment. I feel like I grow as a person and an athlete after every time I spend training, studying and even just hanging out with this family”.

As we head towards December the team is training the house down learning more plays each week and fine tuning their game so that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of perfection that each Surge member strives towards.

When it comes to running onto the Gridiron with her Surge team mates in December Charlotte can not wait, saying “December will be amazing. I suppose honoured would be the best word to describe how I would feel. Going to war with these girls come December will, I am sure, be one of the best experiences of my life. I really hope Australia takes to this sport and see it and its athletes for what it actually is, a highly skilled, highly demanding and athletic sport!”