(SEATTLE, WA. – July 1, 2017) Losing by 93 and 106 points to open the season, albeit they were to Chicago and Seattle, was unbelievable, however the impossible continued as Denver lost another 90+ game.

You can certainly cite a very tough schedule for an expansion team as the number one excuse, however, is that really an excuse for losing by a margin of 297 to 6 over three games? The easiest way to predict the success or failure of an LFL team is to judge its coaching staff, outside of the schedule, the biggest mistake the league made was the hiring of Carlos Bates an untested coach who lacks the football savvy and leadership needed at the position.

On the ‘LFL Football Night’ broadcast commentator Bobby Hewko said not even Vince Lombardi can win with this line-up and he might be right. Starts with a Starting Quarterback in Zshalynn Canfield who has a mental breakdown moments before kickoff, enter a back-up Quarterback in Mary Towner that is out of shape. Towner finished the game with only 5 completions on 23 attempts and an LFL single-game record of 5 interceptions. A defense that lacks any intensity, passion or emotion – not to say anything about their complete lack of tackling, pass coverage or any other suitable football skill set.

Versus the Seattle Mist, the Denver defense gave up 250 yards and their offense did not help them much going 4 and out routinely on the Denver side of the ball, which forced the Dream defense to defend short fields against a very good offense.

For Seattle the line-up continues to mesh well with its free-agent pick-ups of Michelle Angel, Jade Randle and Danielle Hawkins, each of which are making a significant contribution. Specifically Randle who has become a destructive force defensively, from the Defense End position and we all have seen what she can do offensively. Even Dallas free-agent Center pick-up Nicole Petersen is hitting her stride, Petersen was targeted on a couple of occasions against the Denver defense.

As the Seattle route was on, Quarterback KK Matheny was quickly pulled from the game to provide back-up Michelle Angel more snaps. Angel delivered with a pair of touchdown passes and going 5 for 9. However, the unsung hero for Seattle continues to be Running Back Stevie Schnoor, scoring 4 touchdowns, often not even touched by the Denver defense.

Despite Seattle’s 98 point performance, any game against Denver this season needs to have an asterik next to it, as a Conference Championship vs the Los Angeles Temptation will be a very different game.

Seattle next hosts the dangerous Austin Acoustic on July 15 at ShoWare Center as a final tune-up prior to the Sunday, August 20 Conference Championship vs Los Angeles.

Denver will lick its wounds and next travel to Chicago to battle the Bliss at Toyota Park on July 29.

Seattle Denver
Score 98 0
First Downs 16 2
Rushes-Yards (Net) 12-177 24-32
Passing Yards (Net) 73 41
Passes Att-Comp-Int 13-7-0 25-5-6
Total Offense Plays-Yards 25-250 49-9
Fumble Returns-Yards 2-38 0-0
Kickoff Returns-Yards 1-12 0-0
Interception Returns-Yards 6-118 0-0
Fumbles-Lost 0-0 4-3
Penalties-Yards 4-49 1-9
Possession Time 25:31 24:00
Third-Down Conversions 2/2 1/11
Fourth-Down Conversions 0/0 0/5
Red-Zone Scores-Chances 5/5 0/1