Mud, Sweat, and Tears at Queensland Brigade Tryouts,, Chris Chard, Chris Chard

The next round of LFL Australia tryouts kicked off this weekend amid wild Brisbane weather. The Queensland Brigade were the first side to open its doors to the next wave of potential LFL athletes.

Whilst the challenge of being a part of the fastest growing women’s sport in the world would have been daunting enough for many, the first challenge the potential new Brigade recruits faced on Saturday morning was just dragging themselves out of bed and into the harsh weather.

Torrential rain and trying conditions greeted newcomers at base Brigade. Those present quickly found out that ‘LFL style’ football was going to be like nothing they’d ever experienced.
With LFL Global Chairman Mitch Mortaza looking on intently, the women were put through a range of gruelling exercises that had more than one recruit picking themselves up off the sodden surface. However despite the less than ideal conditions, the coaching staff was pleased with the turnout and dedication of those willing to soldier on through the session.

“After the weather we’ve had lately, there was some concern that we might have to cancel the session or that we’d have only a handful of trialists turn up, so we’re really pleased with the number of trialists we got here today,” said the waterlogged Brigade Offensive coordinator Regan Webb. “There was a lot of raw talent out there today, and it’s good to see a high level of energy and aggression from those trying to break into the team.”

Webb also spoke of the benefits the day had for existing Brigade members. “Seeing how hard those who were trying out for the squad were willing to go really ups the ante for the players already on the squad, and also reminds them of the calibre of athlete that’s out there.”

With conditions worsening and the turf beginning to churn from the continual slam of bodies and bags, the full-fledged tryout ended early, but not before the successful combatants were treated to a rallying pep-talk by CEO Mortaza who made no mystery of the battle that lay ahead for players.

One only had to scan the faces in the room, each of them coated with a mixture of mud, sweat and pride, to know that this was a battle the Brigade is determined to win.