Gaxiola Surging

Monique Gaxiola ‘Surging’ Towards Australia, Michael McGill

The Inaugural Australian LFL season kicks off on December 7th and there is already a ground swell of media attention and the fans are following their favourite teams on facebook, twitter and Instagram well into the thousands.

Squads are starting to fine tune their games and show the required skill sets that are required for such a technical and athletically challenging sport. Australia is about to witness the birth of something special this summer.

The excitement and energy levels amongst the New South Wales Surge squad lifted even higher this week when it was announced that Monique Gaxiola from the LA Temptation would be joining the team this summer.

‘The Gax’ is one of the biggest names in the LFL and her CV is one of the best in the game. She has been involved in the league since 2009 and was a major player in the LA Temptation winning the 3-peat in LFL titles.  Add to that the award for comeback player of the year for season 2010/11. This year she is nominated for the Mortaza Award along with names like Jessica Hopkins, Angela Rypien and Brittany Morgan and once again finds herself in the Western Conference All-Fantasy team as the first team Middle Linebacker.

Monique first met the Surge squad late last year when she was in Australia on holiday with teammate Danielle Harvey.  They attended a Surge training session with Monique adding, “I was amazed to see how talented these ladies were. I thought to myself it would be an honor to be able to play with these amazing athletes. They welcomed Danielle Harvey and I with open arms which made our experience even more rewarding.”

So what will Monique bring to the Australian LFL? Where do you start? Experience would be right up there. Commitment and dedication would also rank highly. Mo represents everything good about the LFL. She is a natural leader and motivator and knows what needs to be done to get the required results. There are no short cuts in this game and Monique makes sure that every base is covered. When you speak to team mates they all say that she leads by example and never takes a backwards step. At training she is there to give advice and help the rookies. People look up to her and listen to every word of advice given.

In joining the Surge Monique says, “I’m truly honored and thankful for this opportunity of a life time! I’m ready to help bring my experience to the Surge but what I’ve seen they’re already on the right path.” She also reunites with good friend Chloe Butler adding, “I’m excited to be playing along side Chloe again! She’s a hell of an athlete and such a great person and friend! She’s a huge part of making this dream come true.”

It has been an amazing LFL journey to date for Monique. She says of her new challenge, “I’ve been playing for 4 going on 5 years and never did I think starting back in 2009 I would be playing LFL in Australia. Hard work does pay off and I’m thankful for the LFL, Mitch and Heather for giving me this opportunity of a life time. I just want to walk away from it all one day knowing I left my legacy behind. To be a role model to young girls and women all around the globe is my ultimate goal.”

Monique finds herself in an enviable position that many USA players would jump at if given the chance. The difference is that Monique earned this position and it wasn’t given to her. She has been there since day one and proven her dedication to the league and her team.

The ups and downs have come and gone and she still stays strong as a player both physically and mentally. All that hard work is paying off and the NSW Surge is the big winners along with Monique. She is honoured to be one of the few USA players selected because she knows how many players in the states would give anything for this opportunity and knows her spot on the team is not a given and will need to give 100% to earn one. She respects the Australian player’s dedication to the LFL and can not wait to begin the next chapter in her career.

Did some one say ‘New South Wales Dynasty?’