(Seattle, WA- Tuesday, August 16th, 2016)

During sit down interviews last week one thing was abundantly clear- The Mist want to repeat as LFL Champions. “We are ready to repeat”, said KK Matheny, Quarterback for the Seattle Mist. With just days before the playoff game on August 20th, 2016, the team’s main focus is getting through the next round with the Dallas Desire. Dallas was Seattle’s only loss of the season and the Seattle Mist intend on keeping it that way. The loss was a tough one for the Seattle Mist, after a poor second half performance and the loss of arguably one of the strongest defensive players in the league, Danika Brace, due to a concussion early in the game.

Brace stated, “We gave up a couple of big touchdowns to Dallas because some of the girls got ran over”. So we have refocused our drills, to ensure that doesn’t happen again. Asked how Brace felt about the rematch, Brace stated, “To be quite honest with you, we have been watching a lot of film on Dallas. They are a new franchise, with some players that have been around in the league, but now that we understand their game plan a little bit better, we’re not going to be surprised by anything, and I honestly feel that we will come out with a pretty strong victory”.

Prior to Dallas securing their playoff spot against the Mist I had asked Team Captain Jessica Hopkins, who she was hoping to play in the Western Conference Championship. Hopkins stated, “It doesn’t matter to me! If you are on the other side you are going down”.


Hopkins did say she was hoping for a Dallas rematch, since it was their only loss this season. She also stated, “The team would like to get some revenge on that loss and take it all the way to the championship.”

Hopkins had hinted before last year’s championship, that she might retire if they won the whole thing. She stated that it would be the perfect end to a long journey. Fast forward to 2016 and Hopkins, still with the Mist, seeks a second title, and does so helping mentor the new players that have came on to the team over the year.

13490598_1241669495865905_3327778958638855648_o Matheny

The Seattle Mist (3-1) have an advantage next week as they go against the Dallas Desire (3-1) at the Mist’s home field, The Showare Center this time. Quarterback KK Matheny stated, “Our Fans are Loud” comparing them to the “twelves” of the Seahawks. The 8th Man for the Mist is a huge part of the home chemistry. Also known as the “Mistfits”, Matheny says, “Our fans are like no other fan base she has ever had the opportunity to play for. They rally behind us just as if we were the Seahawks. Brace concurred by saying that they cause disruption for the opponent’s offense, causing false starts and delays of games. Brace said, of all the teams she has played for, that there are no fans like the Mist fans. Their loyalty to being loud, and showing the passion for the Mist, is nothing short of amazing.

Seattle may need the “8th man” in full force Saturday as their #3 Defense will meet up against the Dallas Desire’s #1 offense in the league. Another key component to the Mist advancing to the championship round is stopping “Rookie of the Year” candidate, Jade Randle who currently is ranked #1 in receiving and interceptions. Randle was an integral part of the Desire’s win against the Mist in the last matchup with 2 touchdowns and has been a huge part of the Desires success this year.

Stevi “The Bull” Schnoor, who was ineffective last game against the Desire, was unavailable to be interviewed. However, her teammates said she is ready to bring out the Bull this Saturday, and has no intentions of being stopped two games in a row. “The Bull”, known for her signature bullhorn gesture after scoring touchdowns, intends on bringing out the horns this weekend. Schnoor is currently ranked #4 in the league in rushing.

So this Saturday, August 20th at the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA be prepared for what just be the game of the year. Expect this game to be perhaps the Championship game itself as two determined, passionate teams collide in an epic rematch that will surely leave the fans just as emotional as the players.