LOS ANGELES, CA) Longtime Los Angeles Temptation head coach Tui Suiaunoa who started his LFL coaching career in 2009 as the team’s defensive coordinator, will not be resigned for the 2019 season. Suiaunoa’s coaching career was highlighted by (7) Playoff appearances, (3) Championships and (4) All-Star Teams.

“It’s been one hell of a ride these last 9 yrs and I’ve met so many great players and coaches along the way who have been such a big and positive influence in my life. I hope I was able to provide every athlete I’ve ever coached, from the LA Temptation, the Las Vegas Sin, and all the LFL All Stars, with the knowledge and skills they needed to continue to be a great athlete in a sport they love”, said, Tui Suiaunoa.

After winning the LFL’s first three championships, the Temptation under the guidance of Suiaunoa struggled both on and off the field to regain their glory. The last championship for the Temptation was in 2012.

“There are certain figures whether on the field or on our sidelines that will go down as the game’s pioneers, certainly Tui Suiaunoa will be one of those individuals. Coach Suiaunoa’s guidance to hundreds of athletes during his LFL coaching tenure, forever impacted the sport and we will always be grateful for the mark be left on the LFL”, said, Mitchell Mortaza, Managing Partner, Legends Football League, LLC.

UPDATE: Temptation have hired on the new coaching staff, a formal announcement is expected as early as next week. Suiaunoa’s replacement will need to bring more discipline and structure to a Los Angeles Temptation locker room where both have lacked in recent years.