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(Los Angeles, CA – Thursday, March 17, 2016)

2015 Rookie of the Year nominee Kadi Findling will undergo surgery on her left shoulder later this month and will miss the entire 2016 season.

Findling suffered the injury last August in the Legends Cup, early in the game during a tackle she made on Chicago’s running-back ChrisDell Harris. Findling continued to play with the injury during the championship game, as she thought her shoulder was possibly just sprained and sore. A few months later the first-year corner-back also played in December’s 2015 All-Fantasy Game in Guatemala with the injury.

After discovering that her shoulder would eventually need surgery, Findling planned to play through it this year and have the surgery following the 2016 season. Findling joined the LA Temptation this off-season and took part in February training-camps. But after three practices while battling the pain, Findling knew that she needed to get her shoulder repaired, as the injury wasn’t something she could simply ignore and play through in her first season at the quarterback position. Ultimately she did not want to be a liability for hear teammates if the injury were to get worse during the season.

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“My body was telling me, I needed the surgery”, Findling noted.

Findling disclosed that she will undergo surgery on March 30th to repair the torn labrum in her left shoulder and will not play in 2016.

This adds to the string of setbacks for the Temptation following the 2015 season regarding their quarterback position.

With the retirement of legendary quarterback Ashley Salerno during the off-season, LA appeared to have found their next-in-line with Michelle Angel. During three games in 2015, filling in for the injured Salerno, Angel proved that she has the ability to play the position at a high level and the future was bright for LA as the torch was being passed on.

However, when Angel announced she would be playing for the Dallas Desire in 2016, the Temptation went from having two of the top quarterbacks in the league a season ago, to being without a solidified starter as the team headed into January mini-camps.

Following mini-camps coach Tui Suiaunoa was excited to announce that free-agent Kadi Findling would be joining his team’s training camp in February, to compete for the quarterback position. Now, with Findling out for the 2016 season, the Temptation will gauge their talent at the position and also look around the league for prospects to play the position.

Kiara Patterson, who played with LA last year, is the current back-up at the quarterback position and is expected to take the majority of snaps during practice. There is also speculation that quarterback Linda Brenner, currently with the Dallas Desire is considering playing for LA this season.

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For Findling, this is just a “bump in the road” and she is “definitely coming back.” Findling’s plans are to rehab her shoulder in Seattle this spring and she has her sights set on moving to LA in August or September. With no commitment to any team at the current time, she will remain a free-agent and look around the league following this season to see where the best opportunity awaits.

Findling wanted to thank all of the Seattle fans who supported her during the 2015 season and is grateful for the time she played with the Mist. She also thanked the league for the incredible opportunity and wanted LFL fans to know that she is not a “one-and-done” and that she has a lot of football ahead of her.