(LAS VEGAS, NV. – March 22, 2011) – Lingerie Football League, LLC (LFL) and MTV2 are excited to announce the return of LFL Presents: Friday Night Football to MTV2 premiering LIVE Friday, August 26, 2011 kicking off from ‘Titletown’, Green Bay, Wisconsin at 9 PM ET. MTV2 has committed to broadcast the entire upcoming LFL 2011 / 2012 season LIVE and in full-length form for the first time ever.

“We are truly excited to bring LFL back to MTV2 to continue our great partnership and see the continued evolution and growth of the league on the network,” said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, Lingerie Football League, LLC. “With the incredible viewer interest in 2010, the move to airing LIVE full-length games on MTV2 in 2011 will only add to our viewership and explosive buzz for the LFL.”

“We are thrilled to broadcast LFL Presents: Friday Night Football LIVE this year on MTV2 as we bring back the exciting, signature style of football that only the LFL can deliver, ” said Eric Conte, SVP, Programming Development and Production, MTV2. “Although there’s a possibility that pro football may be sidelined this season, the LFL on MTV2 will continue to bring football fans the action and intense gameplay they crave.”
Throughout the 2010-11 LFL season last year, MTV2 aired weekly hard-hitting recaps of regular season games. However, the new season of LFL Presents: Friday Night Football on MTV2 will comprise of (20) live regular season games, (2) conference playoff games, as well as the LFL’s championship game – one of television’s biggest specials, the annual Lingerie Bowl on Sunday, February 4, 2012 (Super Bowl Sunday) to compete with halftime of Super Bowl XLVI. The inaugural season on MTV2 drew strong ratings, significant national media coverage and created a frenzy across social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter – where LFL Football was a trending topic on Twitter on multiple Friday nights during last season.

LFL Presents: Friday Night Football is Executive Produced by Mitchell S. Mortaza for Lingerie Football League. Eric Conte serve as Executive Producer for MTV2. Joe Buoye is Executive In Charge for MTV2.

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  1. Aden

    Why hasn’t there been any posts regarding the fact that there will be no Miami Caliente this year? I would really like some more info on that

  2. D

    Move it to another night. Honestly who is home on a Friday night? Right, the kind of guy that enjoys watching girls run around wearing barely anything. But still. I think we need this on another night. Even if it’s a freaking replay. Oh well, I guess I’ll just put it on the DVR and skip all the commercials then.

  3. leon

    sorry that what im about to say has nothing to do about mtv2 broadcasting fridays (thats great) but Miami Caliente is not playing next year???? WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT?? i hope im WAY OFF but that ISS the REAL topic that should be up cause it raises so many questions like who is gonna compete and actually give a challenge to tampa this season? are they suspended for the year or is the whole team just not a franchise anymore? and if there not a franchise anymore then where are all the players gonna go? will nayonka dixon go where a quarterback is needed (seatle mist, baltimore charm)? will etta paul go where a running back is nedded ( seatile mist, or DALLIS DESIRE DESPERATLY needs one)? and where would the other elite players go like there phenomenal Linebacker Turley or there good handed wide reciever caccavale? THAT would be a good topic but im PRAYING that these are all wrong skeptics.

  4. Alma

    Found this through facebook. I’m so disappointed. I was hoping to find a bunch of jocks decked out like frank-n-furter ready to play some football. This is why I hate sports.

  5. Hank

    The Caliente won’t be playing this season because they couldn’t find an arena that was good for them. 5 of the Caliente players went to the Orlando Fantasy tryouts.

  6. justin

    I’m upset my favorite team the Miami Caliente is not playing this season. They are literally the most exciting team in the entire LFL. They really have some great players and I hope to see them play somewhere. I will miss Tina Caccavale on the field in Miami, she’s an amazing athlete & person! Good luck to you all.

  7. iguana 1000

    after the lingerie bowl on February 4 of the 2012 we will not have lfl until the 2013 in spring if they change the schedule,someone tell me please if the games will be fridays or saturdays because I was reading that chicago opemimg is saturday september 3 and their last game is on october 8

  8. Ian T.

    The League dropped the San Diego Seduction and I see that the Dallas Desire is no longer on the website, either. I know what Mitch is doing…trying to get maximum exposure nationally while keeping a set amount of teams to save money and maintain a workable weekly schedule during the season. But I think he’s making a huge mistake. He’s going to sour his established fan base, the ones who are demanding more LFL.

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