Laure Gelis-Diaz – A Parisian in LFL

Laure Gelis-Diaz is one of the most special athletes in Legends Football League. Born in Paris, Laure moved to the United States where she practiced … European football (soccer), playing the role of striker, aiming to score many goals. Later, Laure swapped the round ball for the oval ball, experiencing football and becoming one of the most influential players in the Green Bay team. Dressed in green, Laure Gelis-Diaz is one of the fundamental pieces of the Chill, a defensive mainstay in one of the most charismatic teams in LFL, bringing into the games, the characteristic brightness of the City Light. Laure is not only a great football player, but the paradigm of the new reality of LFL, a global sport, with world-class athletes and new frontiers.

In a conversation, led by Edgar Silvestre and Ricardo Silvestre, Laure Gelis-Diaz made some confidences and unraveled some of the mysteries surrounding the reality of a Parisian in the LFL.

ES / RS – Since soccer has the longest tradition in Europe, why football?
LGD – American football has always been a curiosity for Europeans, but only those who have access to sports channels can follow NFL. Moving to the United States, I wanted to try football; because I was not afraid of physical contact (has two older brothers). Experience has shown that in football there are similarities with soccer, in tactical features and technical requirements.

ES / RS – What features LGD had to evolve in learning football?
LGD – Given that the evolution was from soccer to football, the reception of the ball was the most important. Learning was fast, with the notions of tackle, blocking and strategy coming naturally.

ES / RS – When was the first contact with football?
LGD – Despite the media attention around Super Bowl, the first contact was on American soil. After seven years practicing soccer, the first trend in football was kicking the ball. The little knowledge of the rules involved some errors (acting before the ball leaving). With the experience gained, the football became intuitive. It is a team oriented sport, where all elements are important. Compared to soccer, where a player can make a difference, in football the play depends on all elements. Who blocks, passers, receives and scores. The touchdown is the end result of all the elements fulfilling their duty.

RS / ES – How LGD came to Green Bay?
LGD – The idea was to play soccer in Indiana. However, fate took me to St. Louis to play football 11 against 11, but the heart speak up and point out to Wisconsin to live with the husband.

ES / RS – In a reality, increasingly international, which would be the better outcome for LFL Europe?
LGD – It would be interesting with teams in Paris, Marseille, Nice, Toulon and Lyon, due the popularity of the sport and the sporting potential of the cities. In Spain, it would be interesting to see Barcelona, Madrid, Burgos and San Sebastian in action. In Italy: Rome and Cecilia. Giving a kick-off in the Mediterranean and taking the franchise to Germany and the UK. In Europe, taking into consideration that the size of the territory is smaller, compared to the U.S., it would be simple to create a tournament that pits teams from different countries.

ES / RS – What is the advantage about ending Lingerie as an equipment?
LGD – Mitchell Mortaza is a genius addressing the competition. It’s hard to develop a women’s sport, but the ability to create curiosity in men and women, combining Lingerie and football, worked. Media and people asked themselves: What is this? And quickly realized that it is a serious sport, with notable athletes. With the notion consolidated, there emerged a more sporting equipment. Now, who is going to the stadium, goes in search of football. It would not be surprising if the LFL reaches ESPN in the near future.

ES / RS – Does the sensual component of the game causes problems in the family?
LGD – The sexy side is important. Volleyball also captivates the female beauty. In the particular case, the husband sees it with pride.

ES / RS – How to react to the increased fan support?
LGD – The fan support is a blessing. We are proud to belong to the group of pioneers. Despite the difficulty in unraveling the future, it is amazing to watch the growth of the competition. Merit of the organization professionalism and the people included.

ES / RS – How to manage the recurring skirmishes between players?
LGD – In the own team, despite the heat of the game, no one takes offenses personally. The team advances to the next play, avoiding judging the error. Against other teams, sometimes the will to win increases aggression levels, but later in the game, there is a tendency to calm tempers and admit that it was just the heat of the game.

ES / RS – Are there rivalries?
LGD – Green Bay and Chicago have a great rivalry. Coaches (Brown and Hac) were rivals in the semi-professional football, and the rivalry between the men’s teams (Packers and Bears) encourages the will to win. Chicago and Los Angeles are also rivals and fans engage increasingly in rivalries.

ES / RS – What is the future of LGD in the LFL?
LGD – Green Bay is better and next year will be a serious candidate for the title. Anne Erler is a great Quarterback. Green Bay Chill will be the team to beat.

ES / RS – How about trying Quarterback?
LGD – The position is well played by Erler. In soccer, the temptation was to shine on the offensive line (volley kicks and bicycle kicks), but in football, the natural tendency is physical contact, playing in defense.