(LAS VEGAS, NV. – Tuesday, January 10) Legends Football League (LFL) has partnered with Philippines-based CandlenCaleb, a premiere sports apparel group. CandlenCaleb will be named the exclusive and official on-field uniform partner of the LFL through the 2019 season.

The LFL uniform has continued to evolve since the sport’s inception in 2009. In 2013, with the sport’s re-brand as Legends Football League, the uniform was significantly modified to a performance compression fabric as well as modifications to the elastic and other key components.

“We have been impressed with the rapid ascend of the sport, certainly one of the key aspects as the sports continues to build, will be the uniform. We at CandlenCaleb will be working closely with the league and its athletes to continue to modify the uniform to best suit the athlete, which ultimately, will enhance their performance”, said Richie Salvador, CEO, CandlenCaleb.

In 2017, LFL history will be made as custom designed full pants uniforms will be unveiled by each of the LFL USA teams, at their final home game. Alongside the full pants uniforms, LFL teams will be wearing more sleeker design uniforms with brighter and more engaging colors.

“The uniform is such a vital part of any athlete’s success. We will continue to evolve the uniform to meet our athletes needs as well as keeping them as safe as possible, as evident by the introduction of the full pants uniform in 2017. CandlenCaleb will be a vital partner over the next few years, as the sport prepares to go mainstream” said Mitchell Mortaza, Commissioner, Legends Football League (LFL).

CandlenCaleb as well as the LFL are expected to start offering replica LFL uniforms to fans at retail and online, including a Halloween 2017 launch.

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