Chris Michaelson, Dir, Football Operations

Michaelson has been the most tenured individual within the Legends Football League, dating back to 2008. Starting as an assistant coach with the Seattle Mist, Michaelson was rapidly promoted to head coaching duties en route to multiple All-Star coaching awards, two-time ‘Head Coach of the Year’, two-time Legends Cup champion and the first-ever head coach, inducted into the LFL Hall of Fame, in 2016. Under the LFL’s aggressive expansion strategy of growth into thirty-three US markets by 2028, Michaelson will be tasked with oversight of each new club’s on-field development, working closely with head coaches as well as having an advisory role within the league’s competition committee.

“My time in between the lines has been an incredible journey with life-changing experiences, friendships and memories. Watching what in 2008 was merely a concept on paper, become a reality, coaching in front of sold out arenas and international audiences and most importantly, building a franchise like the Seattle Mist from the ground up, has been an honor and an experience that cannot be expressed in words. I am equally as excited about the next chapter of my journey within the sport, shaping the on-field product around the country as we grow our sport to over thirty markets in the US, as well as the international leagues buildout”, said Chris Michaelson.