(LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Monday, January 20, 2014) In an era where major sports properties are seeking to build out their presence on YouTube, Legends Football League (LFL) officials have reached a multi-year deal with YouTube’s largest partner outside of North America, Base79. The partnership will involve Base79 taking over operation of the LFL’s official YouTube channel, to increase its reach globally while protecting the league’s intellectual property against piracy.

Base79 generates over 800 million views per month across 1500 channels on YouTube, and has deals with more than 850 premium content partners including sports giant IMG Media as well as BBC Worldwide, Guinness World Records and The Associated Press.

“The LFL has produced some of the most engaging content in recent sports and this has attracted fans from all over the world. The league’s challenge has been to structure and manage its YouTube channel in a way to attract more subscribers and advertisers while also protecting against piracy. With LFL Films’ abundance of compelling weekly content, the potential for growth of the sport on YouTube is significant”, said Ben Lister, Executive, Base79 USA.

The Base79 partnership is the first of its kind for the LFL, as the league is structuring a more sophisticated on-demand delivery strategy for each of its global sports leagues. LFL Global will position not only its short-form programming to include WOW clips and the acclaimed The Story series, but additionally, Reality programming, as well as full-length games in territories where its not prohibited by existing broadcaster agreements.

“Sports fans now want their favorite programming on-demand, at any time, across all content delivery devices. LFL Films’ top initiative is to place our great programming into as many households around the world. Base79 has a proven track record in increasing reach on YouTube, which now has become one of the most important social media platforms for sports and entertainment”, said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Executive Producer, LFL Films.