LAS VEGAS ( — LFL Chairman Mitchell Mortaza’s office issued the below statement directed toward former Toronto Triumph players who have been voicing their displeasure  to Toronto media over the team’s decision to cut a small portion of the team’s roster, following multiple sub-par performances in a home loss against Tampa in September. The relatively small, but vocal group then heaped public criticism on the league over incurring  ‘ankle sprains’ and ‘hamstring pulls’  during the 48-14 opening night loss to the Breeze, using these minor injuries as ammunition to directly assault the quality of LFL league-wide safety practices as well as to justify their collective departures.

Today, Lingerie Football League Chairman Mitchell Mortaza, released the following statement on the issue:
“Apparently it never occurred to some former Toronto Triumph players that in tackle football you could possibly pull a hamstring or twist an ankle. True LFL athletes are actual football players who understand that in football, injuries happen, they do not pretend to be football players just to gain celebrity.

Its rather convenient that these former players only took issue with equipment or safety after they were released from the team or their friends were released from the team. They have been using the same equipment for months. If they felt unsafe or not protected they could have chosen to end their LFL tenure months ago. Their departure and subsequent press coverage has actually aided the team immensely in bringing more awareness and as a result the Triumph have fielded significant more experienced football players that are dedicated to playing the game versus acting the part.

In relation to equipment, we at the LFL consistently test our equipment to insure the highest degree of safety and challenge our partners to continue to develop the next generation equipment that will further protect our players.
While protective equipment lessens injuries on the football field, it obviously does not rid the game of injury. When injuries occur we at the LFL take them incredibly seriously which is why we have coverage for players, dedicated medical staffs and medical directors at the league.

What our protective equipment cannot guard against or our medical staffs cannot treat is a lack of heart, commitment to your team and your city, courage or the passion it takes to play the game of tackle football”.

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