LAS VEGAS, NV (09/28/2011 — LFL360.com) — Today Lingerie Football League, LLC. officials announced the award of market rights to five Canadian cities for the inaugural season of LFL Canada, set to debut in Fall 2012. Joining Toronto, who currently competes with U.S. teams, the five markets awarded LFL franchises include: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec City and Montreal.

This announcement comes on the heels of the successful premiere of LFL Football in Canada, as evidenced by the ‘All-Fantasy Game’, an exciting all-star exhibition held this past July in Hamilton, combined with the momentum-building regular season opener earlier this month in Toronto.

The creation and implementation of LFL Canada represents the first phase of the league’s global strategy, including expansion into Australia (2013) and Europe (2014). The Canadian league is projected to play a twelve-week season, culminating in the first “Canadian Lingerie Bowl”, to be held on the eve of the 2012 Grey Cup, November 24, 2012, in Toronto.

“As much success as the league has seen through its first two seasons in the U.S., we expect greater success in Canada due to its fanaticism around sports”, said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, Lingerie Football League, LLC.

About the LFL:

The Lingerie Football League (LFL), founded in 2009, is an extension of the extremely popular Super Bowl halftime alternative programming phenomenon, “The Lingerie Bowl”, which drew millions of viewers and blue-chip advertisers over its initial five-year run.

Featuring 12 teams in two countries, the LFL is currently the fastest growing women`s professional sports league in the United States and has achieved greater initial success than the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

In 2010, the LFL continued to thrive by signing a national television deal with MTV Networks, drawing sell-out crowds and adding five expansion markets for the 2011 season to include: Las Vegas, Cleveland, Toronto, Minneapolis and Green Bay. In 2011, the LFL announced the creation of a six-team Canadian football league, set to debut in Fall 2012 as well as future expansion into Australia (2013) and Europe (2014).

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