LAS VEGAS, NV., February 28, 2012/LFL360.com —  Lingerie Football League, LLC. finalized its biggest season to date in the United States with a record television audience, expansion into five more US markets and sell-out crowds. Now the focus has shifted to LFL Canada, which recently has made national headlines with team market announcements to include the return of the Toronto Triumph, the naming of the BC Angels, a Regina team and now joining as the fourth franchise of LFL Canada, Saskatoon.

“The LFL has become a very successful sports franchise in the ‘States, drawing sell-out crowds. The current level of excitement, fan fare and media attention around LFL Football coming to Canada will certainly translate in our city and building. Especially considering the rivalry that will surely form between us and Regina. We could not be more thrilled that the LFL has chosen the city of Saskatoon and Credit Union Centre as the official home of the Saskatoon franchise,” said Will Lofdahl, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Union Centre. 

Fans can vote on the eventual Saskatoon team name by submitting their name submissions via email to: LFLinSaskatoon@LFLUS.com

LFL Canada is the Canadian arm of what has become the fastest growing sports league in the States (as per BusinessWeek), the Lingerie Football League. In comparison to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) through their first three seasons of operation, LFL Football has achieved far more national television viewership, attendance and growth through the same initial period of time.

“While we have enjoyed unprecedented success in the US, we believe LFL Canada will actually draw far more success. The fanatical culture that exists around sports throughout the country and specifically within the Saskatchewan Province, was the primary catalyst behind the formation of LFL Canada and the naming of two Saskatchewan franchises,” said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, Lingerie Football League, LLC.

Due to the international interest around LFL Football, the league will launch not only LFL Canada in Fall 2012 but LFL Australia in 2013 with additional plans to launch LFL Europa in 2014. 

Official League Website: www.LFLUS.com (LFLCanada.com coming soon)

Photo: Joe Petro/LFL PHOTOS