The ceiling on women playing tackle football was formally shattered with the arrival of LFL football in 2009. With the growing popularity around the LFL, younger and younger girls are starting to dream of playing LFL football. In recent months and years, parents of young ladies routinely contact LFL league offices inquiring about everything ranging from what size football do you use to what form of training should I place my daughter into now to prepare her for LFL Football.

Women sports have always struggled to gain a mainstream following alongside major men’s sports, especially women’s tackle football. Leagues have come and gone with no fan fare, media attention or sustainability.

The challenges facing women’s tackle football leagues have kept young ladies from pursuing football from a young age like most sports. More recently, Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson signed up to be the first-ever girl to play on the boys team at her school. Inheritantly, the LFL firmly believes that girls want to play football too, now the league is taking measures to insure many generations of young ladies have the opportunity.

“Our commitment to developing women’s tackle football nationally has become a major initiative for the LFL as we focus on building a better on-field product. Obviously the improvement of our game is directly tied into the development of the future LFL athlete. What excites us at the league is seeing the caliber of athletes improve so vastly each season, now imagine in five years when we start fielding athletes that have trained their entire life for the opportunity to play LFL Football’, said, Mitchell S. Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, Lingerie Football League, LLC.

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