(LAS VEGAS, NV. – Tuesday, October 1, 2013) Legends Football League (LFL) officials, in continuance of its focused initiative around the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of concussions, are announcing a new partnership with Gen 1 Impact Indicator which detects excessive impact and the possibilities of a concussion at the earliest phase.

This Gen1 Impact Indicators partnership follows yet another significant partnership that was announced prior to the 2013 season with imPACT Testing & Computerized Neurocognitive Assessment Tools, same testing mechanism used by the National Football League.

“While we as league and our athletes understand football is contact sport and concussions maybe inevitable, the LFL will strive to be on the forefront of technology and products available to us to 1) lower the risk of suffering a concussion 2) properly diagnose a concussion at the earliest phase possible and 3) treat the athlete and make certain all necessary measures are taken to insure a safe return of our athletes to practice and playing fields. The partnership with Gen1 Impact Indicators is another powerful measure for us to achieve our goal in making the LFL as safe as possible for our athletes”, said Mitchell S. Mortaza, Chairman, LFL Global.

Gen1 Impact Indicators will be placed on the helmets of LFL athletes across each of its global leagues to include LFL USA, LFL Canada and LFL Australia. While concussions cannot be prevented, upon impact, recognition and proper diagnosis can occur immediately – which will get LFL athletes off the field and into the hands of medical professionals.

The LFL has one of the strictest policies as it relates to concussions, by not allowing its athletes back onto the practice or playing field until such time as they have passed all testing mechanisms as well as being cleared by a physician.

“The LFL is gaining incredible momentum globally as a sport [league], it is refreshing to see an organization with such rapid growth not lose sight of player safety. Our Gen 1 Impact Indictors are leading the way in immediate on-field diagnosis, which will greatly reduce the possibility of second impact syndrome”, said Marco A. Ouzounian, Founder & CEO.

LFL Australia will be the first global league to include the Gen 1 Impact Indicator on each athlete’s helmet during play. League medical personnel will be trained in the assessment of the report of Gen1 Impact Indicators.