LAS VEGAS, NV.,USA (March 6, 2012/ — Lingerie Football League, LLC., the fastest-growing women’s sports league in the United States, today announced that the league is officially going ‘Down Under’, selecting Australia as a host country for the 2012 All-Fantasy Game Tour.

The LFL All-Fantasy Game Tour, hitting Australia’s shores in June, will feature 32 of the most athletic and beautiful women across the league as the Western Conference battles the Eastern Conference in what promises to to be an intense battle for global supremacy. The exhibition games will be played at venues on Australia’s picturesque east coast and comes on the heels of wildly successful All-Fantasy Games in Canada (2011) and Mexico (2010).

Queensland native and Australian athlete Chloe Butler is the face of the LFL in its push to establish an Australian league by 2013 with four teams – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Chloe will serve as the ambassador of LFL Football coming to Australia and will captain the Western Conference squad.

LFL Football has developed one of its largest international fan bases in Australia, having been broadcast on Fuel TV since the league’s inception in 2009.

“We could have never imagined the incredible response of Australia to LFL Football. While we have received offers previously to bring LIVE exhibition games to Australia, we have never had the opportunity to team with the experience and attitude of the guys we have partnered with here in Australia. This is truly a significant moment in the short history of the league as we take our first step toward introducing Aussies to LFL Football and the eventual premiere of LFL Australia in 2013”, said, Mitchell S. Mortaza, Chairman, Lingerie Football League, LLC.

The league is expected to officially announce venue and ticket information in the coming weeks. For more information on the Australia LFL All-Fantasy Tour, visit

About the LFL:

The Lingerie Football League (LFL), founded in 2009, is an extension of the extremely popular Super Bowl halftime alternative programming phenomenon, “The Lingerie Bowl”, which drew millions of viewers and blue-chip advertisers over its initial five-year run.

Currently featuring 15 franchises throughout North America, the LFL is regarded as the fastest growing women’s professional sports league in the United States and has achieved greater initial success than the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

In 2010, the LFL continued to thrive by signing a national television deal with MTV Networks, drawing sell-out crowds and adding five expansion markets for the 2011 season. Lingerie Bowl IX garnered record-high ratings for the network and was viewed by millions of fans throughout the globe.

In 2011, the LFL announced the creation of LFL Canada, set to debut in Fall 2012 as well as plans for future expansion into Australia (2013) and Europe (2014).