Legend in the Making: Roach’s Road To Recovery,, Andrew Kramer, Andrew Kramer

There are two things that every athlete in sports dreads: losing and injuries. Unfortunately, for Philadelphia Passion running back Marirose Roach, she experienced both of these within seven days of each other at the end of the last LFL US season. Not only did her team lose the championship game to the LA Temptation for the second season in a row, but having suffered a severe neck injury the week before, Roach had to watch the entire contest from the sidelines.

Losing the biggest game of the year is bad enough. On top of that, having to question whether or not your career might be over is just devastating. “Initially I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to play any type of contact sport again, so it was pretty discouraging,” Roach said.

Many athletes would have ended their career right there, but not MR. After being treated by several doctors, including Dr. Alexander Vaccaro, spinal surgeon for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Dr. David Rubenstein, team orthopedist for the Philadelphia 76ers, Roach decided that, through some hard work and dedication, she could play football again. “Between the doctors and rehabbing three times a week since the injury, it’s been a long road, but I’ve been cleared to play, and I’m getting stronger every day,” said Roach.

This is great news for Roach, who wants nothing more than to play the game she loves. This is great news for the LFL as MR is one of the most explosive and exciting players in the league. Of course, this is also great news for the Passion whose chances of winning the big one increase drastically if Roach is on the field. “When you have someone that great on your team, it takes a lot of pressure off everyone else,” said Philadelphia head coach Chandler Brown of his All-fantasy running back. “That’s what happens. The great players in this league make other players better. Her leadership is amazing. When you have a player who’s that good and [is also] your hardest worker, it really takes your team to a different level.”

After she was cleared to play, Roach’s focus quickly shifted to the Passion and the upcoming season. “I just have the determination in me that I share with the team. We’re just excited for the season, and we’re ready to come out and achieve what we know we can achieve.”

Roach spent 2012 recuperating. Right now, she is working on improving her strength and speed. By the time the Passion play their first game on June 8th against the Baltimore Charm, it appears we will see the same, dominant, powerful Marirose Roach we’ve grown accustomed to watching.

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