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(Los Angeles, CA – Friday, February 26)

The Temptation will begin their season two months from now and head-coach Tui Suiaunoa is getting his team ready to compete at a high level. Suiaunoa is excited about his team’s situation and spoke highly of his current roster, as his team head’s into their official training camp. Suiaunoa feels this may be the most physically fit, battle ready and tested Legends Football squad he’s ever coached, and also noted that the current group of 22 players have all proven themselves to be deserving picks for the final Temptation roster.

With this in mind, lets take a look at how this team is shaping up.

At quarterback, Kadi Findling (free-agent from Seattle Mist) and Kiara Patterson will continue to battle for the starting position, and according to Coach Suiaunoa it is currently a tight race for the top spot.

Coach Suiaunoa continues to rave about the size and strength of his team’s imposing offensive line, predicting that huge holes will be opened up for Temptation running backs by Kia Ramos (left guard), Megan Hanson (center) and Sheri Awagah (right guard); these three should make life miserable for opposition run defenses, as they’ll provide perfect cover and running lanes for the darting and swerving cuts of running back Nasira Johnson.

The wide receiver corps will be led by veteran Cynthia Schmidt (formerly with Las Vegas), as well as Brittany Henderson and two-way player Delaney Hall, who also plays safety. Suiaunoa also has been impressed by the grit and determination of the sole rookie to make the team, Angelina Arreola, another wide out.

Schmidt 4 Schmidt

Henderson 45 Henderson

Arreola Arreola

On defense, the Temptation remain a force to be feared and reckoned with, as Ogom Chijindu and Chelsea Haardt return as cornerbacks to patrol the secondary. LA’s dynamic corner tandem will be supported by up-and-coming safeties Lili Granstan and, as already mentioned, Delaney Hall.

As for the defensive line, there’s no shortage of power, bulk and agility, with Temptation veterans Christina Sugarminaga and Quincy Hewitt leading the way, along with the hard to stop and athletically gifted Naja Christmas.

Ogom 4 Chijindu

Gax Gaxiola

Finally, opposing offenses will again have to contend with middle linebacker and defensive anchor Monique Gaxiola, who remains in Hall of Fame form and is being pushed to even greater heights by the impressive play of other linebackers, Tai Emery and Susan Mapes.

All in all, Suiaunoa sees this shaping up to be a great year for the Temptation, but LA will have some big tests this season with long-time rival, the Seattle Mist, and also a non-conference opponent, the Atlanta Steam, both of which were playoff teams in 2015. Atlanta and Seattle have also added depth to their teams without losing many key players.

Michelle Angel, Ashley Salerno, Monica Jaramillo, and Amanda Ruller were among the top contributors to LA’s offensive success last season and a key question will be how successful the offense will be having to replace these veterans in just one off-season.

Photo Credit: Cristopher DeRose, DeRose Photography