(Los Angeles, CA – Friday, February 5)

As we move into February, the LA Temptation get ready for some tough decisions, as the team brings its roster down to 20 players for the season, Coach Tui Suiaunoa spoke about the challenge of choosing from so many talented and qualified athletes.

“I’ve been at this quite a while, and I’ve never seen this much overall talent and experience packed into one training camp. My coaches and I will certainly have our hands full, making cuts with this many great players to choose from, including a number of veterans and starters from other teams.”

One of the most impressive performers thus far has been Nas Johnson at running-back. Tui commented, “We haven’t ever had a Barry-Sanders type runner with this combination of speed, slashing/cutback ability and power before.”

She could make a tantalizing tandem, along with the Temptation’s powerful starting running-back from last year, Carmen Bourseau. With all of the roster spots “up for grabs”, there are virtually no “safe” spots for last year’s returning Temptation starters, both on offense and defense. But as Tui went on to observe, despite the intense competition, which the coach called “virtually cutthroat”, there is tons of cohesion and good chemistry among the women, which is a signal of good things to come.

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kindling 45

One position that is definitely going to be hotly contested is quarterback, which will be a battle between newcomers Kadi Findling (pictured) and Jane Caldwell, who each played back-up quarterback with their former teams the Seattle Mist and the Atlanta Steam, respectively, and Kiara Patterson, a returning member of the Temptation.

Like the tussle for many of the other spots, this promises to be an intense competition. Tui commented, “I’m looking forward to seeing what all three of these players can do from the quarterback position. I have lots of respect for each of them as good athletes, and this will be exciting to watch.”

Practice sessions will continue over the next four weekends on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s, as the coaching staff continues to evaluate position battles. After training camp, the last weekend in February, final roster decisions will be made.

The Temptation play both of their 2016 home games in Ontario, CA at the Citizens Business Bank arena and their season will kick off at home against the defending Legend Cup Champion, Seattle Mist, on Sunday, April 24th.

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