Jenny Mac 5th Down_

Fifth Down: With Jenny Mac- Atlanta Steam

Jenny Mac is beginning her second season in the league with the Atlanta Steam. In her first year, she experienced the journey of a great season as the Steam reached the Legends Cup. Falling short to the Chicago Bliss in the championship has been motivation for the Steam and Jenny Mac, as they prepare for the 2015 Season. The 2015 schedule will feature three matchups between Atlanta and Chicago, the first being the season opener, April 11th in Atlanta.

Jenny’s presence on defense was a big reason for the Steam’s 2014 success. She was honored as being named the Most Improved Player in 2014, and has her own expectations to make an even greater impact on defense this season. At 5’10” tall, her athleticism, agility, and knowledge will combine to make a valuable asset for Coach Dane Robinson’s defense in 2015 and beyond.

LFL 360 had the pleasure to speak with the Brown University Alum about football and life off the field. We discussed Jenny’s goals, hobbies, interests, and asked her some very serious questions about preference on dating and clubbing.  Also note that Jenny Mac arguably has the best face paint in the league.

Prepare for some awesomeness as we learn more about # 7 and the Ivy League scholar.

1) Congratulations on being named Most Improved Player in 2014. Going into your second season, what are some of your personal goals for this year?

Jenny: Thank you. This season I want to be more of an asset on defense. I will be able to contribute by playing SS as well as DE this season. This year I have been working on improving my tackling form, to better my presence on defense. I also have a personal goal to make more tackles this season. Another priority is to lay down some serious sacks this season (look out Heather Furr).

2) Which team do you look forward to playing against the most?

Jenny:  Chicago…we have unfinished business.

3) What kind of athletics did you do previously to the LFL and which one best prepared you for playing defensive end in football?

Jenny:  I played soccer, basketball and rowing. I played soccer for 12 years which best prepared me from a “field vision”/”team sports” aspect. Rowing best prepared me mentally and stamina-wise for football. I was always a physical player in soccer and basketball, mostly because of my size and being taller than most of my competitors. But I’d have to say that I’m not really sure anything could’ve prepared me 100% for tackle football!

4) Who is the best defensive end in the league and why?

Jenny:  That’s a tough one…It’s hard to say when each of the girls have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the DE’s are super-fast, while others will try to out-muscle you. I’d have to say our Keyon
Harrison, who will get looks at DE this year, is going to be up there on the list. Keyon brings strength, physicality, speed, experience, and aggression to the table. And I must say it really hurts when she hits you…

5) Dane Robinson was nominated the Coach of the Year for 2014 and has prepared your team well. What characteristics make Dane a great coach and leader?

Jenny: Dane won Coach of the Year in 2014 for a reason. His passion is palpable and contagious. He is organized, determined, and willing to provide opportunities for players to step up and make an impact on the team. He is the kind of person and coach that anyone would be lucky to play for.

6) Did you grow up a fan of football and if so who was your favorite NFL team?

Jenny: Oh Yes! My dad and brother have always been “eat, sleep, football” types. I always enjoyed watching and playing pickup games with my friends and family. My entire family is from Boston, and I’ve spent about half of my life there. I’m a Patriots fan all the way.

7) Other than playing football and applying excellent face paint, name a few of your other hobbies?

Jenny: Playing guitar and listening to music are a couple of my favorite hobbies. If I have a free night, you’ll often find me at a concert. I’ve been snowboarding for about 13 years and also love to draw. And I play video games…mostly first person shooters or FPS/RPG hybrids, but I’m a huge fan of the Zelda series as well.

8) Who would you rather date- Aaron Rodgers or Rob Gronkowski?

Jenny: My first inclination is to say Gronk, not only because of my Patriots fandom, but also because we would make 1st round draft pick children. I think Aaron and I would get along well, though…he seems to have a great sense of humor…could I go on a date with each and then choose?!

9) If you had a choice to go clubbing with either Miley Cyrus or Iggy Azalea, who would you choose?

Jenny: What would I be clubbing them with? Totally kidding…I’d probably have to pick Iggy so I wouldn’t be the only giant blonde chick in the club.

10) Lastly for the music fans, name two songs that can be found on your pre-game playlist?

Jenny:  “Walk With Me In Hell” by Lamb of God and “F***ing Hostile” by Pantera.


***Maybe in the near future Jenny Mac will be able play and see herself on a video game such as an old-school, Tecmo Bowl version of the LFL. Talk about gamers bragging rights.