Once in a rare while, two special athletes of a very similar stature – tall and powerful – come together and play for the same franchise. It happens so infrequently that when it does those two special stars get the nickname “Twin Towers.”

In recent decades, the moniker has been given to hoopsters, including Tim Duncan and David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs and, before them, Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets. Now it’s time to get familiar with the next generation of Twin Towers – Candis Mosley and Toni Kelley of the Lingerie Football League’s Dallas Desire. It must be a Texas thing.

Mosley is a star receiver and safety, while Kelley excels at cornerback. They are both nearly six feet tall and have similar body types, causing many to think they’re twins, especially because on defense they combine to cover the right side of the field.

“When we’re in the game together on defense, a lot of people get us confused since we look exactly the same,” said Kelley, who picked off a pass and had a forced fumble and fumble recovery to go with 11 tackles in four games last season.

“We came up with the nickname (Twin Towers),” added Mosley. “We’re two tall women and when we have our helmets on, it’s hard to tell us apart.”

Mosley, who also had a pick on defense last season, has the ability to be one of the all-purpose stars in the LFL. On offense, she caught six passes for 103 yards and four touchdowns and had a 10-yard average when she carried the ball.

“She’s a blessing and is an amazing wide receiver,” stated Desire quarterback Linda Brenner. “She definitely makes my job a lot easier. Her athletic ability is incredible and she has great hands and catches everything. She runs crisp routes, gets open, fights for the ball and moves it after the catch. She’s what you’d call a quarterback’s dream.”

Mosley obviously also left quite an impression on her opponents last season.

“Candis is a great receiver because of her strength, height and athletic skills,” said Los Angeles Temptation star Michelle Jacot. “I remember her catching mostly everything and at the ball’s highest point. I also remember her big attitude and she was angry and got a little crazy.”

“They are two very talented athletes and they handle their business,” added the Temptation’s Monique Gaxiola, who is continuing to play through a torn ACL. “You have to be aware of where they are on the field. They know the game of football.”

Kelley and Mosley aren’t short in height or confidence in their ability.

“I don’t think we’re the best combo in the league, I know we’re the best combo in the league,” said Kelley, who will likely see more time on offense this year.

“I don’t think anyone matches up to us,” added Mosley. “(Opponents) didn’t run it on our side and we had an opposing coach tell us after a game that the team was told not to go on our side.”

“The ball rarely went to their side of the field (on defense),” said Brenner. “They love to hit and they’re not scared of anything. If the Twin Towers were on a different team, my first look would be to the opposite side.”

Perhaps the biggest learning experience for the Twin Towers took place off the field last season when they missed a team flight to Seattle. Mosley and Kelley initially went to the wrong airport and after a day of chaos finally arrived at the arena when the game against the Mist had already reached halftime.

The Towers weren’t allowed to play in the second half for being so late and the Desire sustained their only regular season loss that night.

“It was a learning experience and it taught us people depend on us,” stated Kelley. “I never want to go through something like that again.”

Although some teammates were unhappy that the Towers missed the flight and ended up not arriving until very late, they had the support of their QB.

“I was on the phone with them trying to get updates and I told them I needed them and to get to Seattle somehow,” said Brenner. “They told me they would and even though they went through hell, they did. They didn’t get to play, but the fact that they made it, and knowing everything they went through, was enough for me.”

With the incident now behind them, the sky is the limit for both players.

“They want to play the game, they listen and they get it,” stated Dallas assistant coach Alain Karatepeyan, known as ‘Coach AK.’ “They have that football mentality and when they make plays they have attitude and personality.

“Toni should be a shutdown corner this season and Candis will be a go-to receiver that can be used as a deep threat and in short-yardage situations.”

Dallas’ 2009-’10 season ended with a disappointing loss in the Western Conference Final to Los Angeles. Going forward, the team knows that a lot of its success will depend on the Twin Towers.

“My expectations for them are limitless,” said Brenner. These girls have a lot of heart and a love for the game. I would go to battle with them any day.”

Mosley and Kelley have become the best of friends off the field and they know the hard work has to continue as they pursue the goal of winning a Lingerie Bowl title.

“We want to be better as individuals and as a team,” noted Mosley. “We don’t want to be at the same level. We plan on taking the whole thing.”

“I’ll be more of a leader this season,” added Kelley. “I just want our team to be focused. We’re out there working hard and want fans to come out (to the games) to see what we’re doing. We’re going to win it.”

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  1. Troy Whigham

    Glad to see someone finally got them to sit still long enough for an interview! I’ve been chasing them for a few weeks now. ;) Great job getting their teammates to contribute, too. Both are tremendous athletes and deserve the recognition for their accomplishments.

  2. Andy

    Thanks Troy & Baduila for your comments. I hope to have many articles like the one above before and throughout the season. Stay tuned!

  3. Anthony

    Their good, the Twin Towers! But I love the QB & WR duo in Miami, their the BEST! Always excitng to watch, That QB is the best in the league thus far, and her go to WR has the best hands in the LFL.

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