Chicago Cover Photo


(Chicago, IL- Friday, March 18, 2016)

With the LFL season drawing closer, teams are working hard in training camp toward building a contending team for the Legends Cup. As we all know, that’s much easier said than done. For the Chicago Bliss it’s actually been a reality. They’ve reached the Legends Cup in the previous three seasons.

A lot of their success has been due to their high powered offense. Led by quarterback Heather Furr and arguably the best running back in the league Chrisdell Harris, the Bliss have been a team to reckon with on the run. Heather Furr’s strength was definitely not her passing game, but she made up for it running the ball on option plays. The Bliss did a great job of keeping defenses honest by having to respect the running the game of Harris but keep them guessing with the option plays.

With Furr now retired, the Bliss appear to have a rookie who will take the reins at the quarterback position. Sara Finn is ready to step up and fill that void. Her playing style is much different from Furr. She’s considered to be a more gifted passer compared to Furr, so it looks like the Bliss will be running more of a pro-style offense.

The question is, how successful will the Bliss be with a different attack on offense? Coach Hac confirmed that the Bliss will pass the ball more than seasons past. The Bliss are historically a run-heavy offense and in 2014 during their last championship season, only 21.8% of Chicago’s offensive plays were passing attempts, far below the league average of 37%. It was easy for Chicago to rely on the run touting a nearly unstoppable running-back with ChirsDell ‘Ferrari’ Harris.

Last season, the Bliss started the season with a similar pass-ratio trend of 22.8% in their first three games, but in their last two regular season games against Omaha, Furr attempted 60 pass attempts (75% of their plays) as the Bliss looked to improve their throwing game. During the playoffs the pass-ratio was 45.8%, similar to the league average in 2015.

In 2016 coach Hac intends on keeping a good balance of run and pass to keep the defense off balance, but things will be different. Expect a more aggressive high-powered offense in Chicago this season. The Bliss have a lot of talent at the receiver position, so Finn should be able to thrive in the new offense. Finn hasn’t been named the starter but all indications point towards her getting the job. Finn seems ready to take on the role.

A few weeks back Finn expressed her confidence in her abilities, “In my past history in sports I’ve always been a leader, I’ve always kept my teammates motivated. I played running back as a kid, but I could always throw. I like being a playmaker.”

One thing that should help Finn with her confidence going into her first season is the Bliss defense. Chicago has one of best defenses in league, which should give plenty of opportunities for the offense to be on the field and for Finn to make plays.