(Las Vegas, NV., July 7, 2011) — While American style football has been a flop internationally as evident by the folding of NFL Europe in recent years, the LFL has prospered beyond the US borders consistently picking up new international broadcasters and vast audiences. On the heels of viewership success and a demand for more LFL international exhibition games, the league has announced plans to launch leagues in Canada (2012), Australia (2013) and Europe (2014). The champions of each of the (4) four leagues consisting of LFL | US, LFL | Canada, LFL | Europe and LFL | Australia will descend on Sao Paulo, Brazil to play the LFL’s first-ever World Bowl in advance of the 2014 World Cup.

“The past 34 months since premiering LFL Football in Sept. 2009, have been an incredible journey culminating in this announcement. Here in the US through our first two seasons, we have drawn more attendance, national television viewership and growth than popular sports brands such as the UFC and WWE through the same period of time. As much early success as we have had here in the US, the appetite for LFL Football has been even greater internationally. Through several key international partnerships, our game is truly set to transcend borders in the coming years leading up to our World Bowl”, said, Mitchell S. Mortaza, Founder & Chairman, Lingerie Football League, LLC.

The LFL’s 2010 All-Fantasy Game last June in Mexico was a great indicator of the potential for international build out of the sport, the all-star game drew a near capacity crowd and several blue-chip advertisers including Coca-Cola’s Powerade brand. In 2011, the LFL has once again awarded the All-Fantasy Game to an international destination, Hamilton, Ontario. The game was awarded to Canada as part of a bigger picture strategy that will include LFL | Canada premiering in September 2012 with (6) six inaugural season clubs. In 2011, the LFL will debut its first international franchise club with the Toronto Triumph. The move into Canada has already drawn significant national media coverage and fan fare. Edmonton, Vancouver, Regina, Calgary and Montreal are the front-runners to be awarded franchises alongside Toronto.

In addition to LFL | Canada and LFL | US, LFL | Australia will premiere in 2013 on the heels of incredible national television viewership of LFL Football on Australian national broadcaster FoxTel. In fact, the popularity of the sport has grown so quickly down under that several prominent Australian female athletes have moved to the US for an opportunity to play LFL Football. The league will play its first Australian exhibition game in Spring 2012. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide have been designated as the (4) inaugural season market teams.

In 2014, LFL Football will continue its international expansion with the premiere of LFL | Europe which is set to debut with teams in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Rhein, Manchester and Dublin. The Lingerie Bowl winners across all (4) four leagues will advance to play in the Playoff round of the first-ever LFL World Bowl being held on Saturday, July 19, 2014 featuring match-ups of LFL | US vs. LFL | Canada and LFL | Europe vs. LFL | Australia. The Playoff round winners will play in the LFL World Bowl on Saturday, July 20, 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

LFL World Bowl will be a championship series taking place once every four years amongst the (4) international LFL leagues.