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(Chicago, Illinois – Thursday, February 4)

Former starting quarterback of the Las Vegas Sin, Sindy Cummings, who was looking to earn the starting position for the Bliss, has announced her retirement from the LFL. Cummings played two seasons in the league before calling it quits on Saturday. Cummings said that her heart just wasn’t in the game anymore:

“They say that all great things in life come to an end. After months of trying to dig down and find the love and passion that I once had, it is time to admit that my time is up.”

Cummings had a successful stint in Las Vegas. She was an exciting quarterback to watch and had one of the strongest arms in the league. Her best season came in 2014 when she was nominated for Offensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year. She threw for an outstanding 10 touchdowns with zero interceptions during her rookie campaign.

Many felt that Cummings would be a great fit in Chicago where to Bliss have been working to improve their passing game. She attended the Open Tryouts for Chicago last month and was invited to Mini-Camp despite showing up out of shape. It was evident that her off-season conditioning had lacked and she failed to really impress the coaches in Chicago. Head-coach Keith Hac said he was “shocked” that she wasn’t in shape this off-season. He felt it was hard to work with Cumming’s this off-season because she did not live in the Chicago area and she did not have teammates to train with.

"LFL Championship 2015 - Practice"
Coach Hac has moved on from Cummings in the journey for finding his next quarterback and already has a few candidates for the starting role this season. Bliss veteran, Kim Perez, is one player who the Bliss have confidence in for the position. She is a talented athlete who has contributed mostly on the defensive side of the ball for Chicago, but recently expressed her interest in earning the starting role. The Bliss coaching staff believes she can certainly play quarterback and Hac praised Perez’s athleticism saying “Kim can pretty much play any position on the field.”

Despite Cummings claim that she’s done with football, Coach Hac believes this might not be the end of the road for Cummings in the LFL. For now, Cummings will focus on her education and pursue her career endeavors.